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To set up a GROUP DISCOUNT, please email Rick Archer at

or phone him at
713 - 861 - 1906
for further details.



SSQQ is pleased to extend Group Discounts to organizations that expect to send more than 20 people to the studio in any particular month. In the past, Church Singles Groups and  groups of people from a particular business office have been the main participants. There are two kinds of discounts : Primary and Secondary.

Any organization is welcome to request the Primary Discount twice a year as a Promotion to encourage newer members to begin dance lessons. Veterans of previous Primary Discounts are also welcome to participate. If your group can send 20 or more people to SSQQ, each person will receive a significant reduction of tuition in the first month of the promotion. Men's tuition is reduced from $50 to $40, Ladies from $40 to $30.

As a nice bonus, your group can continue the Promotion. The discount is reduced to $5 a person for 3 subsequent months after the primary month. This is the Secondary Discount. Best of all, no further paperwork is necessary.

Unfortunately events in the past related to the Group Discount Program have led to enormous headaches. We have found if the Program is not kept discrete, it leads to awkward confrontations. "Gate crashing" is a good example. First a legitimate group member will ask for their discount while another person overhears the conversation. The second person gets the idea it is okay to pretend to be a member, so now they too ask for their discount. Rarely are they subtle. 

As we skeptically question the intruder, other students waiting to register listen to the bickering. Now the bystanders begin to complain about the delays, the unpleasantness, and what they perceive as unfairness ("why don't I get a discount ?").  Soon nobody is happy.


In other words, everything must be handled Quietly or Not at All.   To eliminate these headaches, we need a List  (read on)


Group Discount Policy

The Group must have a distinct name of the organization that binds the people together.

The Group needs one person to be the Organizer and SSQQ Contact.

The Organizer needs to keep a List of each member in the Group who intends to join. We will send you a form and you simply write the name of every participant on it.

The List must be returned to SSQQ before anybody registers. 
Please note we are very firm about the List. Without the List, the deal is off.  

We will accept no excuses since we must have a hard copy to work from.  You can email the list if you like to, but until you receive a confirmation notice, you cannot assume the List has been received. We don't check our email more than once a day.

If you do not get a confirmation notice, then you can hand deliver the List 45 minutes before the start of whatever class your group is registering for.

Once List is handed to us, there can be no changes or additions.
We register around 1,000 people a week. We once had 10 "Lists" in one month. We simply don't have the time to keep track of changes. Once you hand it to us, the List is frozen.

Once we have the List, things get much easier. Group members may show up anytime they wish. However they will still have to register at the door. SSQQ will check their names from the List as they appear for Registration. They can take any class they wish on any night all for  the same discount that month. As long as their name is on the List, they can even sign up a week late.

In addition, after they register for classes in the Primary Month, they can register for any class they wish to take for the next 3 months for $5 off per class by identifying their name on the List.



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