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SSQQ HOUSE RULES are explained below in brief.

Please direct all questions to Rick Archer,

starts at 8 pm, 5:30 for Weekend classes
Common courtesy explains why we ask you to stay in your classroom until Break Time.
If you leave class early to walk through any room, you interrupt their class.
must be turned off for class unless they are ON your body
Common courtesy to fellow students explains this simple request.
We take a Break at 8 pm... check your messages then.
are not permitted at the studio
SSQQ is a Playground for ADULTS.
Kids have no place being here nor is there any free space to put them.
must be arranged in advance.  Email
We understand that no one can know all of our Policies ahead of time.
To ease tension, we created the Exception Policy
are not permitted without prior email permission
We DO Allow Guests.  We DO NOT Allow Guests who show up on our doorstep
without any warning. A simple email to solves the problem.
must be brought each week
A movie requires a ticket and a ticket taker. SSQQ is no different. 
If you lose your receipt, we will verify your class by computer on the premises.
cannot be switched to Private Lessons
This is the most obscure rule we have, but twice a year someone asks anyway.
The link takes you to an article that explains the reasoning.
must be done ON FIRST NIGHT
Whether you register OnLine or Walkin, you have till the end of the first hour on the
FIRST NIGHT of class to ask for your Refund and you must do it at the studio.
after Week Two is not permitted
In Week Three, you have arrived at the movie when it is half-over.
How is it fair to the class to have the teacher waste valuable time catching you up?
in all Group Classes is mandatory
Group Dance Classes teach you to lead or follow EVERYONE. Plus the Instructors rotate partners just like you do.  Don't want to switch?  Take Private Lessons
is not permitted
SSQQ is a School.  We are not a Zoo.
People who come in off the street don't need to be wandering through our classes.
to REGISTRARS and HALL MONITORS will not be tolerated
Registrars and Hall Monitors enforce the Rules. They don't make the Rules & cannot change them. 
Abusing them for just doing their job is the stuff of bullies.
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Cosmic Rule One: Rules are Made to Be Broken.

But first learn the rules so you know how to break them properly!!

We make Exceptions when the occasion calls for it. The Secret is always to email first so we can understand the parameters ahead of time. 

No Rudeness Allowed!  The Mistake is to just show up and demand your way.
It is so rude to show up, claim you don't have a clue what the rules are, and make life miserable for us by arguing. The respect we ask for is to contact us ahead of time so we can either find a compromise or at least gracefully explain our position without making a scene. 
The Lady Who Wouldn't take "NO" for an answer)

Cosmic Rule Two: Don't let a little dispute injure a great friendship.

Rules are made for a reason, but not everyone agrees with the reason.

People have a way of not thinking the reasons are quite as important when it comes to their own special situation. Unfortunately, the rights of the individual are nearly always outweighed by the rights of the majority. 

Most of our rules are simple to understand like our "No Smoking" rule. The ones most students object to are the more subtle ones like no kids or no watching or no signing up in the third week. What would it hurt to look the other way??

Unfortunately we have instance after instance where breaking our rules to make an exception backfired. Consequently we have learned the hard way that these rules must be enforced even when it might be you.  Please forgive us for standing our ground. 

Here are two examples where making exceptions came back to haunt us:
(Being Nice to Children Backfires)
(Letting One Couple Avoid Switching Sabotages the Entire Class)

By the way, not everyone does actually forgive us for standing our ground.
(Carolyn de los Santos)

Cosmic Rule Three:
Policy is a guide to the wise and a rule to the fool
Sometimes we do make

Nothing is written in stone. If you think we have made
a mistake in one of our rules or wonder if we could make an exception, please bring it to our attention and we will think about it some more.

(Example 1): We don't allow watching, but sometimes we do.

 (Example 2): We don't let kids come to class, but if they are old enough or almost old enough we will let them take a class.

 (Example 3): We don't let people start in the third week, but sometimes we do.

Cosmic Rule Four:
Computers allow humans to make more mistakes faster than any other invention in history (with the possible exception of handguns, atom bombs and tequila...)

After a series of enormous problems with over-crowding in 2000, SSQQ installed an ambitious computerized Registration system to keep careful track of the Thousand-Plus students who visit SSQQ each month.

Five years of experience with this Registration System has shown it to be a Blessing about 98% of the time and a Curse 2% of the time.  Like any traffic accident, the problems usually boil down to human error on our part or your part, but that knowledge never seems to soften the irritation that comes with each snafu.
(The Courtney Walsh Story)

Please Be Nice to the Hall Monitor

If our Hall Monitor stops you from coming in, it is only because they are doing their job. Please understand this and be nice to them even if they have been forced to disappoint you.

Each SSQQ Hall Monitor has a deep-seated human need to make people happy. Nevertheless they are paid to stand firm on SSQQ Policy. Nor do they have the power to make "Exceptions" no matter how much you fuss at them. 

Do not BADGER them to bend.

Please show them enough respect not to make them feel bad or guilty for simply doing what they are hired to do.

Please be Nice to our Hall Monitors.   (PS: A note about Rudeness)

Please Be Nice to the Registrars

Like the Hall Monitors, SSQQ Registrars are expected to enforce the House Rules. They are paid to stand firm on SSQQ Policy. They are in the same position as the Hall Monitors: They are not allowed to make "Exceptions" no matter how much you fuss at them.

If you want an Exception, you should email IN ADVANCE. This is the correct way to handle any problems, not by putting these women on the spot. 

Please be Nice to our Registrars.  (PS: A note about Rudeness)

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