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We will either tell you where to find or explain it in the email.  Then we will turn around and update this page.

Group Classes are $50 for Men, $40 for Women

Our Group Classes at SSQQ meet 4 times in a month and run for 2 hours. (for example, 4 Wednesdays in January from 7-9 pm). An 8 Hour Class at SSQQ costs $50 for men, $40 for ladies (Note: Some Advanced classes cost less).  

The difference in price simply reflects that the men have more to learn than the ladies.  The Art of "Leading" is not always easy to pick up, so the men generally require extra time and attention.

After your payment, you will be given a receipt to present to the Hall Monitor. Hang on to the Receipt as the Hall Monitor will ask for it each week.  If you lose it, the Hall Monitor will check your class roster instead. 

Sorry, but we do not allow students to sign for only "one night" of a 4-week Group Class.  This would not be fair to the students who are already signed up to have newcomers come in and slow down the class.

Walk-In Registration

You can Register for classes at SSQQ On-Line or by Walk-In. SSQQ has a very large studio. To date we have always been able to handle all customers.

The day will come that we will have to limit classes, but it isn't here yet so it is not necessary to register in advance. Just sign up at the door and start on the spot! 

First you complete a registration form and present it at the front desk with your payment (cash, check, or credit card).

Please tell the Registrars if you are repeating a class (1/2 price) or using a referral credit (see below).

registration.jpg (10642 bytes)

OnLine Registration

You can register for a class in advance OnLine using a credit card. It is a secure transaction.  In four years, we have never had a problem with any sort of theft.

If you have your credit card information handy and know what class or classes you wish to take, the whole procedure shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.  

The main advantages to using Online Registration are the ability to check your entire Student History at a glance by using your student ID and to save a 10-15 minute wait in line if you use Walkin Registration.
After your order has been processed, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Just print that out and bring it with you to class and show it to the Hall Monitor.

In addition, you will need to bring this printout confirmation with you each night you come to class. It will serve as your receipt for the Hall Monitors.

Directions (Larger Map)

SSQQ is located in the city of Bellaire at 4803 Bissonnet. 
We are in a small shopping center just one and a half blocks outside of the West Loop 610. We are one traffic light west of the West Loop. 

If it is raining, you will be pleased to note our area has never flooded.  Access to the Loop is guaranteed. We didn't even flood during Allison in 2001. Our phone number is 713-861-1906 if you need to find out if we are open when it is raining (PS- we RARELY cancel classes, but it did happen once.)

Parking - Come Early!

The most important thing to know is that Parking at SSQQ is extremely safe. In 30 years, we have never had one person accosted at our studio.  Our deepest thanks go to the Bellaire Police Department for their constant monitoring of our activities. They are very vigilant.

And if you are concerned, ask a friend in dance class to walk you to your car.

If you come 30 minutes early (6:30 pm evenings, 4:00 pm Saturday or Sunday), you will get a good parking spot. 15 minutes early is also a  good time and you will save yourself a walk over from First Street. 

Our parking lot can handle a lot of cars and we are fortunate to have a convenient overflow area on First Street. However if you show up at 7 pm to register, you are likely to get some exercise in the process.  Please note that parking on First Street has restrictions.

The honest truth is that after 30 years in this location, some of the businesses around SSQQ may ask you not to park in their parking lot. Once upon a time perhaps a former SSQQ customer left a beer can or hit something with their truck or whatever. Just pay heed and you will be okay.  As of January 2006, no one was towed for any reason during all of 2005.

As with any parking lot in Houston, Texas, we did have a couple car break-ins in 2005.  Considering 12,000 cars parked there by our unofficial statistics, those are pretty good odds.

Children -
SSQQ is an "Adult Playground".  Children are not permitted at SSQQ.

SSQQ is a Playground for ADULTS.  This is where Grown-Ups come to have Grown-Up Fun.  Having children around would change this important feature dramatically.  Furthermore, if the child is small, we have no free space to put them.

Please note children in
High School are welcome to participate in our group classes.  Otherwise we would prefer you leave children below high school age at home.

For further information, click

Second Week

You may start classes in the Second Week since the entire first hour of all Second Week classes is spent reviewing what we did in the first week.

The Second Week "First Hour Review" plus staying for free Practice Night catches most people up. In addition, some classes meet two or three times a week which will allow make-ups. We estimate that 9 out of 10 people who start in the Second Week do just fine.

However if you start in the Second Week and struggle right from the start, you can always go ask for a Refund or simply take the course over again in the following month.

If you do want a refund, we have a favor to ask:  please ask for your Refund within the first half-hour of class or forget about it. Since it is very rare for people who start class in the Second week to ask for Refund, we allow our Registrar to leave 30 minutes after classes start.

Sorry, but we do not pro-rate classes.  Fortunately in many of our classes, you can make up a class In addition we do not allow students to sign for only "one night" of a 4-week Group Class.  It is not be fair to the students who are already signed up to have newcomers join in and slow down the class.

-----Original Message-----
From: Ann D
Sent: Saturday, February 05, 2005 11:52 PM
Subject: Dance Classes

I would like to come take a Swing dance class but I missed the first class, can I still sign up, or do I have to wait for next month?   Thanks

From: Rick Archer
Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 10:15 AM
To: Ann D
Subject: second week Dance Classes

Absolutely it is okay to sign up in the Second Week. Lots of people do it.

Don't worry about what you missed. The
entire first hour of all Second Week classes is spent reviewing what we did in the first week. 

In addition, since some classes meet two or three times a week, you may be able to come an extra time in the Second Week which will help you catch up even more. 

In your case, if you sign up for Swing on Sunday, you can come again the following night Monday to review your Sunday class. If you stay for Monday Night Swing Practice and dance five or six songs, you will be thoroughly caught up, believe me.

Registration After the Second Week is NOT Permitted.

We do not allow Registration in the Third or Fourth Week of classes.

At this point the movie is more than half-over.
It is not fair to the other students to allow people to join at this point.  They do not deserve to have their time wasted while we are forced to explain the "plot of the movie" to the late-comers.

It is true we occasionally make exceptions IF you ask by email in advance ( ).

However if you show up at the door without Email Permission in your hand, the Hall Monitor is expected to say no. 

-----Original Message-----
From: SSQQ Hall Monitor
Sent: Monday, March 14, 2005 11:24 PM
Subject: Rick!!!

Hi Rick,

FYI, a lady and her daughter showed up for class yesterday without a receipt. She almost appeared to be trying to walk past me. I asked her where her receipt was and she replied she didn't have one. She added she was looking for the Registrar. She said she wanted to register. I explained in careful detail that we don't allow people to sign up for class in the third week.

She then demanded to see you and ask for permission to bypass the rule. I told her you were in class and that you have given all the Hall Monitors not to bother you on this issue. I told the lady if she wanted an exception made, she would have to email you.

Frankly, judging from how mad she was, I wouldn't be at all surprised if you will hear from her. However I am pretty sure whatever she says will not be pleasant.

Just letting you know.

Monday Night Hall Monitor


-----Original Message-----
From: K I
Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2005 11:52 PM
Subject: Beginning Salsa class

Hi Rick,

I would like to join the beginning salsa class and after looking at the schedule I realized this week will be the third week. The reasons I still would like to join even though I will lose two classes in that I will be working late in my new job starting in July and I won't be able to take classes. I would like to get the remaining two lesson of the beginning class of May and take the intermediate salsa class in June. I know the basics and I have taken few classes before in school.




We have rules against starting in the Third Week for a Reason.

Beginning Group classes actually begin to develop a personality of their own in the third week of class.  In the first week the students are dazed and confused as they try to master the new material. In the second week, they begin to get the hang of things.  In the Third Week, they actually begin to make jokes and develop a "group identity".  The individuals learn each other's names and relax as they realize they are "all in this together".  Now the class becomes a shared experience.

It does a Group Class little good to have strangers suddenly join in the Fifth Hour of an Eight Hour class (i.e. the start of the Third Week).  The movie is half over. Rather than get right down to business, the rhythm of the class is disrupted as the instructor is obligated to explain the plot to a newcomer as the other class members twiddle their thumbs. 

The needs of the Group supercede the needs of individuals.  As much as we value your patronage, in this case why not take a private lesson to meet your curious schedule??

Make-ups and Parallel Classes : What to do when you miss a Class

If your class is offered on more than one night, you are welcome to rotate between the parallel nights to fit your schedule.  No permission is needed. Just show up and bring your receipt to show the Hall Monitor! 

Question:  "How do I make up my class if there is no Parallel Class?" 

Answer:  There is no "Make-up" if the class does not have a Parallel. 

Unfortunately many SSQQ classes do not have Parallel Classes to attend.  However you should be okay if you just miss one week.  We deliberately build some overlap into each class to handle this problem.  Each week we spend the entire first hour reviewing everything we taught in the previous week.  If you make the effort to stay for Practice, you should not have any trouble catching up.

Question:  "What if I miss two weeks in a row and there are no parallel classes to attend?"

Answer: You can repeat any course for half-price.

In addition, we offer a Special Once a Year Exception whereby you can take the same class over again for free.  Email Rick Archer at within the month for permission to take the class over again for free. 

However if you show up to repeat a class without an email permission slip from Rick Archer, the Registrars are told to charge you half-price.

More on Missed Classes:  Missing & Switching


You do not need a partner to take any of our classes. (Exceptions: Acrobatics is the only 4-week class where a partner is required plus various Crash Courses as well).  

Our classes are generally well-balanced to begin. However there is the occasional class that isn't balanced. We get volunteers to make up the difference once we identify a problem. 

Please note in group classes we always rotate partners. No exceptions. Switching partners is a major rule.
For the reasons behind this policy, please click here

Refunds - Click Here for more information

During Registration Week, Refunds will be given on your first night of class with no fuss. 

If your class starts at 7 pm, you have till 8:10 (which is the end of Break) to ask for your money back.  Or if your class starts at 4:30 pm, then you have till 5:40 to do the same.  After that however there are no refunds. 

money.jpg (6566 bytes)

We feel an hour of class time is sufficient time to decide whether you wish to take your class or not.

Please note if you register in the
Second Week of class, you have till 7:30 pm for the 7 pm classes or 5 pm on the 4:30 pm classes to ask for your money back.

On-Line Registration Refunds are trickier since you can register for a class without actually "being on the premises"

Even though you have registered electronically, any Refund must be done in person AT THE STUDIO ANY NIGHT during Registration Week.   During Registration Week, Refunds will be given till 8:20 pm on the first night you signed up for a 7-9 pm class (or till 5:50 pm on the 4:30-6:30 weekend classes)

Please note we say ANY NIGHT during Registration Week.  We realize it is inconvenient for you to come to the studio so we will extend a seven-day window of opportunity for you.  

However if you wait till the
Second Week, you have passed the Deadline for On-Line Refunds.
After that your tuition becomes Credit instead. 

Please do not request an "electronic refund".  Refunds will only be given in person at SSQQ during the first week of class registration.  Please bring documentation plus your credit card so we can "swipe" it.

Credit For Missed Classes
Click Here for more Credit information

Each month students miss dance classes for any of a million reasons that range from the absurd to the serious.  If you miss any of your 4 classes, you are always welcome to ask us to use your "ONCE A YEAR EXCEPTION" to take the class over again for free. 

All you have to do is email Rick Archer at and receive email permission to show to the Registrar at a later date.

-----Original Message-----
From: msheler
Sent: Thursday, March 10, 2005 7:03 PM
Subject: intermediate salsa

I tried to call, but could not get a hold of anyone. I was just wondering if it would be possible for me to get credit for the salsa class I am in right now. I was in a car accident last weekend and am not supposed to do anything to physical for a couple of weeks. I have only been to one class and thought I might be able to start again in a couple of weeks. Let me know. Thank you. M Sheler

-----Original Message-----
From: Rick Archer
Sent: Friday, March 11, 2005 9:24 AM
To: msheler
Subject: RE: intermediate salsa

When you are ready to take the class again, print this out and bring it with you to show to the Registrar. You are welcome to restart your intermediate salsa class at no charge. Get better!

Rick Archer
SSQQ Dance Studio

We once had a policy that allowed you to retake a course you didn't finish for $5. Unfortunately in March 2005 we discovered that the "$5 Retake Policy" was being abused by certain students. This meant that like so many privileges in life this policy had to come to an end.

We allow all students to ask for one exception of any nature (except Refunds) to be made per year.

It is easy for us to keep track of each request for an Exception because you have to email us in advance to ask for it.

No "Exceptions" will be made if you ask for them at the studio. If you just show up at the door without email permission it is an automatic half-price to repeat a class.

Please don't misunderstand - we don't mind at all honoring your request!  It is just that we need to keep track.

More Information about the Missed Class Policy: Missing & Switching

Switching Classes

You may always switch to another course in the same month at no charge.

We do
prefer you ask to switch while you are still at the studio.  Why?  Because it is extra work after the fact.  

However if you don't ask to switch classes while you are at the studio, you can still email to 
We will send you email permission to give to the Registrar. There will be no charge to switch if you do it in the SAME MONTH, but it will definitely cost you your ONCE A YEAR EXCEPTION if you ask to switch to another class in another month.  

Example 1:  You take Beginning Swing in March 2004, but you don't like your class. You go to the Registrar at BREAK and say you would like to switch to another class. We will make the change on the spot.  But if you wait till the end of class, the Registrar is gone. Now you will have to use email.

Example 2:  You take Beginning Swing in March 2004, but you don't like your class. You go home after class and think about it. You email and specify which class you wish to switch to that night.  You should have no trouble getting email permission as long as it is in the SAME MONTH.

Example 3:  You take Beginning Swing in March 2004, but you don't like your class.
You never go back. A month later you think you deserve value for the class you signed up for, but didn't finish. You request permission to transfer your tuition to another class. The only way this will work is if you email and understand you will be using up your ONCE A YEAR EXCEPTION privilege to do this.  You should have asked in the Same Month when we are more liberal in our switching policies.

Example 4:  You take Beginning Swing in March 2004, but you don't like your class. You never go back. A month later you think you deserve value for the class you signed up for, but didn't finish. You bring your receipt from the previous month and show it to the Registrar. You have no email permission to make your switch.

This time you are out of luck. We seriously dislike having students ask our Hall Monitors and Registrars break rules without email permission. At this point your class from the previous month has become part of your permanent class history and it has no value for switching to another class.

More Information about Missing Classes, Switching Classes, and Exceptions

We do not permit switching credit from Group Classes to Private Lessons. 

This complex issue might be better understood if we explained that the SSQQ Instructors work for themselves during Private Lessons. If you pay SSQQ for a Group Lesson, then change your mind and prefer that your money go to a Private Lesson instead, in essence it is the same thing as asking one business to refund money to pay another business. 

In another words, asking to switch tuition from Group to Private amounts to the same thing as asking for a Refund.  Therefore the simple thing to do is to ask for a Refund during your first night of class or else ask for Credit.

People change their minds about classes. For example they break up with a boy friend or their job suddenly takes them out of town or they twist an ankle. We suggest you simply retake your class when you are ready.  

However if you decide you do not wish to finish the class that you started, in lieu of a Refund we can issue a Gift Certificate to give to another person.  Click Here for more Refund information

$10 "Thank you" Credit for Referring New Students to SSQQ

SSQQ has been in business since 1978.  Referrals have always been our primary source of new business.  When you refer someone who has never taken classes before at SSQQ to our studio, we invite you to accept an $10 credit on your next dance class.

Please note you must complete one month of classes before you can begin "referring" people. 

Referrals are done using Walk-in Registration only.

Referral Mathematics

Example: Jane takes a class in January. In March she brings Sally and Jeff along with her and takes the class over again with them. What does she pay? 
Answer: $0.
Repeat class: 40/2=20 - 10 - 10 = $0

Example: Jane shows up for the first time with Sally and Jeff and claims them as her referrals. What does she pay? 
  You can't stand there and have every person pointing at each other saying 'I referred him and he referred me.'  A group of people cannot refer each other. Someone must finish a month of classes before they can begin to refer their friends.

Example: Jane takes a class in January. In March she brings Sally to class. It turns out that Sally has taken classes at SSQQ before. What does she pay? 
Answer: $40.
You cannot "refer" someone who has taken SSQQ classes before. This policy is strictly for people who are newcomers to the studio. If this person appears in our database, they don't count.

Example: Jane takes a class, one month later gets a new boyfriend and wants him to take classes. She takes his Beginning class over again to be with him. What does she pay?
Answer: $10.
  Repeat class: $40/2=20-10= $10

Example: Frank brings a new friend to class, but doesn't take the class with them. Instead Frank takes a different class that he has never taken before. What does he pay?
Answer: $40.
50-10= $40

Repeating a Class

You may repeat any 4-week class that you have taken previously for Half Price if it is in your "Class History"

Before 2002:

There are a lot of people who took classes in the years before we went to computerized registration.  If you fall into this category, we apologize in advance that the half-price option does not apply to any class taken before 2002.  Please forgive. 

If you wish, we will give you the half-price offer anyway on a one-time basis using the "Exception Policy". You must email Rick Archer at in advance of your class to ask and specify the class.

Since 2002:

SSQQ has kept an electronic record of each class our students have taken since 2002. You can always check your class history by going to our On-Line Registration Page.  Or click "History" and type in your Student ID.  You will see a list of every class you have ever taken at SSQQ.

The On-Line system allows you to automatically take a class for half-price. However if you use Walk-In Registration,
we will check your Class History for our record of your previous class.  
(Unfortunately Crash Courses are not included in this offer since we do not keep records.)

For classes that have been taken since 2002 that do not show up in your course history, it is quite likely that you simply don't remember what student ID it was filed under.  If you think you took a course and would like for us to take a look, then email us at  Or ask one of the ladies at the Registration Desk to take a look. 

Important:  If you ask to take a class for half-price and the Registrar cannot find it in your history, the Registrars are instructed to charge you full price.  As Yogi Berra would say, "if it isn't there, it isn't there."  That doesn't mean you didn't take the course, but it does mean no one can find a record for it.

Please do not argue with the Staff.   Please don't say, "Why won't you take my word for it?"  The class is either in the computer or it isn't.  There is no point in arguing.

We thoroughly dislike having students ask our Registrars and Hall Monitors to bend the rules.  That is not their job.  They have orders to act on the information in the computer.

If you want to ask someone to bend a rule, then email Rick Archer,

Exceptions are also made by Rick Archer.  Please email him
if you have a question.

Bring Your Receipt to

Every Rule is Created for a Reason.  SSQQ Receipts exist because we have a long history of people who have tried to sneak in for free classes. Just like 9/11 has forced millions and millions of people to take their shoes off at airport screenings, you have to bring your receipt because we caught some creep long ago who behaved unethically. We apologize, but we assume you "understand".

There is another reason why you need to present your receipt. There may be a day when SSQQ will be forced to "close" a class due to over-crowding. Just like a movie theater can't sell seats it doesn't have, SSQQ has to have a way to limit class sizes.

Your receipt is your movie ticket. If you forget it, we will be able to look up your Registration on our computers. However it will save time for everyone if you will bring it with you. Thank you. 

The Story behind Receipts

Please Turn off Your Cell Phone

The importance of this rule should be self-evident.

Early in the cell phone era before we passed this rule there were nights when up to a dozen calls were received in a one hour period during class.

The studio land phone is 713 663 7725. You can leave this number in case of an emergency. The SSQQ Hall Monitor answers it.

Please note this number is to be used for "Emergency Only."  it is not a number to leave for your girlfriend to get a hold of you to see where you want to go dancing later on. That is what cell phones are for.

Crash Courses

Crash Courses are held from 7-9 pm on Saturday Nights as a lead-in to our Saturday Night Parties.  The classes almost always revolve around the music that will be played at the 9 pm dance party and dances that will be used.  There are usually and sometimes even seven classes to choose from.  We try to have at least two or three Beginner level classes, two Intermediate level classes and one or two Advanced classes so people of different experience levels can find something to challenge them.

For example, the Sock Hop Party will have Sock Hop Line Dances and Jitterbug Acrobatics, a Salsa Party will have Salsa classes and a Western Party will have Western dance classes.

To register, you simply walk in and pay at the door.  One of these days we might have On-Line Registration, but for now we register people the old way. Registration usually goes swiftly. 

Sorry, there are no "half-price" Crash Courses.

Email Sent to SSQQ Dance Studio

The SSQQ policy regarding email is that we have the right to reprint anything sent to us either in our Newsletter, on our website, or both.  This includes snail mail as well as email.

That said, if you let us know your correspondence is private, we promise to omit your name plus any references that might give away your identity. 

You may not write anything to us with any assumption of privacy.  If you wish to have your correspondence be private, then don't write it.

You in turn have the right to reprint any of our direct correspondence and/or replies just as long as you do not change the wording. .


Our studio has rules for everything it seems, but we have no defense against Thoughtlessness and Rudeness. Here are the three places where people are the most rude:

  1. Discourtesy to the Hall Monitors when they stop students with no receipts.
  2. Students who leave their cell phones on and have the nerve to talk on them in the middle of class
  3. Students who interrupt other classes to get a drink of water or use the Restroom in the middle of class rather than wait for Break or the end of class.

Did you know we have an entire page dedicated to our famous incidents of inconsiderate behavior?

Levels of Classes

Our studio is very large with 6 rooms. We offer several levels of the same dance (ie,  Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced) at the same time, but in different rooms. If you don't know which level to take, made an educated guess and adjust it once you get to class. Even easier, come early and dance with an instructor for 30 seconds. That is really all it takes.

What to Wear- Clothes and Shoes

This is a common question.  If you are a total beginner, the good news is you can wear any shoes or any clothes you wish and it won't matter.  Dancing can be pretty fast, but Beginner classes have a leisurely pace.

In general, any shoe that grips the floor is not a good idea, but don't worry about it at the Beginner-level classes.  We don't play the music fast enough for it to be a problem.  

Consider your first class to be a scouting mission - see what the Romans are wearing and come better prepared in Week Two. Once you are at the studio, you can see what other women and men are wearing plus.

Then if you wish, you can ask where to buy dance shoes.

Please Be Nice to the Hall Monitor

If our Hall Monitor stops you from coming in, it is only because they are doing their job. Please understand this and be nice to them even if they have been forced to disappoint you.

Each SSQQ Hall Monitor has a deep-seated human need to make people happy. Nevertheless they are paid to stand firm on SSQQ Policy. Nor are they empowered to make "Exceptions" no matter how much you fuss at them.  Please show them enough respect not to make them feel bad or guilty for simply doing what they are hired to do.

Please be Nice to our Hall Monitors. 

If you would like an "Exception" to be made for you, don't ask the Hall Monitor or the Registrar at the door.  They are told to follow the Rules. 

Please ask Rick Archer in advance by email ( )

Click Here for More Information on Exceptions  

Ten Minute Break Time

Break starts at 8 pm Sunday through Friday or at 5:30 pm for our 4:30 Saturday and Sunday classes.

Break lasts 10 minutes.

Break is a good time to return cell phone calls, visit the restroom, get a drink of water, visit with friends, and practice what you learned the First Hour to music in your class room.

We have a huge favor to ask: If you possibly can, stay in your classroom till Break.  We have no Hallways, so every time you walk through to the Restroom or Drink Room or to a corner to make a cell phone call, you basically interrupt other people's classes.  Common courtesy dictates that you respect the rights of others just as you would in a Movie Theater.

We have another huge favor to ask: When Break is over, please go back to class. Don't stand in someone else's classroom chatting with your friends to the point the instructor has to ask you to leave.

One more thing - don't take another Break to recover from all your hard dancing at Break.

SSQQ HOUSE RULES are explained here in brief.            HOUSE RULES EXPLANATIONS goes into great detail.
Please direct all questions to Rick Archer,

starts at 8 pm, 5:30 for Weekend classes
Common courtesy explains why we ask you to stay in your classroom until Break Time.
If you leave class early to walk through any room, you interrupt their class.
must be turned off for class unless they are ON your body
Common courtesy to fellow students explains this simple request.
We take a Break at 8 pm... check your messages then.
are not permitted at the studio
SSQQ is a Playground for ADULTS.
Kids have no place being here nor is there any free space to put them.
must be arranged in advance.  Email
All Rules are made for a reason, but we try to be understanding as well.  Just don't
show up demanding an "Exception" without clearing it in advance.
are not permitted without prior email permission
We DO Allow Guests.  We DO NOT Allow Guests who show up on our doorstep
without any warning. A simple email to solves the problem.
must be brought each week
A movie requires a ticket and a ticket taker. SSQQ is no different. 
If you lose your receipt, we will verify your class by computer on the premises.
cannot be switched to Private Lessons
This is the most obscure rule we have, but twice a year someone asks anyway.
The link takes you to an article that explains the reasoning.
must be done ON FIRST NIGHT
Whether you register OnLine or Walkin, you have till the end of the first hour on the
FIRST NIGHT of class to ask for your Refund and you must do it at the studio.
after Week Two is not permitted
In Week Three, you have arrived at the movie when it is half-over.
How is it fair to the class to have the teacher waste valuable time catching you up?
in all Group Classes is mandatory
Group Dance Classes teach you to lead or follow EVERYONE. Plus the Instructors rotate partners just like you do.  Don't want to switch?  Take Private Lessons
is not permitted
SSQQ is a School.  We are not a Zoo.
People who come in off the street don't need to be wandering through our classes.
to REGISTRARS and HALL MONITORS will not be tolerated
Registrars and Hall Monitors enforce the Rules. They don't make the Rules & cannot change them.  Abusing them for just doing their job is the stuff of bullies.


Refund Stories

 These articles deal with the ground rules, history, philosophy of the ssqq refund and credit policy.
 Deal is Deal
 Covers the reasons behind the Refund Policy and lists situations
 Explains why Group Class Tuition cannot be switched to private lessons
 Electronic Transactions
 Discusses Online Registration and the difficulty of Electronic Transactions
 Explains how to handle Double Charges and has the Courtney Walsh Story
 Talks about our Credit Rules
 Exceptions Overview
 Talks about the History of our Credit Rules
 Home Page for Refunds. Covers the specific Refund Policy
 Refund Defeat
 Must Read for anyone frustrated with the ssqq refund policy.  At least you
 can read with delicious satisfaction about the only couple to ever win a refund argument
 Refund Overview
 How other dance studios handle the Refund problem plus a simple real-life experience during a ski vacation that shaped our policy.
 Refund Struggle
 Easily the best article of the bunch. Two MBAs squared off in a battle royal over $46 in 2005.

SSQQ At a Glance  gives a quick overview on the many facets of the studio.

History of SSQQ  covers the events that led to the development of Houston's largest dance studio.

SSQQ Philosophies explains why don't we use contracts and why Practice Night is so important to our dance program.

Group Classes covers the events that explain how we developed our Group Class Dance program. This section is actually something of a meditation on the nature of the Rights of an Individual Versus the rights of the Group. It covers in great detail the incidents that led to our policies and the reasoning behind the policies. 
Why do we insist everyone switch partners?
Why can't people watch classes?
Why are children banned from the studio?

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