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Written by Rick Archer
Last Update: July 2010





About Private Lessons

There are several compelling advantages to taking Private Dance Lessons.

1. Speed. One of the major reasons, of course, is speed.  As opposed to the gradual learning of Group Lessons, Private lessons are the quickest way to improve your dancing if you need to prepare for a special event such as the First Dance at a Wedding or dancing on a Cruise Trip.

2. Pace. Private lessons allow you to move at your own pace.  They are useful for people who are fast learners or slow learners (meaning group classes would either bore you or overwhelm you).   

3. Review. Private lessons are an excellent way to review patterns you might have forgotten.  They can also be used to polish leads or to quickly catch up to the skill level of an advanced partner.

4. Odd Schedule. Private lessons can be used to solve the problem of difficult schedules.  Many people have trouble making weekly group lessons on a regular basis.

5. Excellence. Last but certainly not least, private lessons are the best path to take if excellence in social dance is your goal. There are details that can be covered in private lessons that are too technical to be part of a group lesson.  Private lessons allow an instructor to fine tune everything from footwork to leads, arms and timing.

Cost. The cost is $50 an hour for up to 4 people unless otherwise specified. 
To set up a lesson, please just drop us an email. 

Rick and Marla are available days, evenings, and weekends. 


2010: SSQQ Bissonnet Closes: The End of an Era
Written by Rick Archer

In April 2010, I was forced to close the doors on SSQQ, my longtime dance studio, after a 30 year stay on Bissonnet Street in Bellaire.  The Bissonnet Studio was forced to close because the landlord wanted to build a hospital.  It was a shame because SSQQ had many friends who were sad to see the studio come to an end. It was definitely a bittersweet moment because SSQQ was more than a dance studio.  I believed it was a community.  Something as good as my dance program definitely deserved to continue.   Read The Last Waltz for the complete story.

Of course everyone hoped that I would move the studio to another location.  Unfortunately, running a large dance studio requires a tremendous amount of time and energy.  At age 60, I was reluctant to start all over.  In addition, there was a strong 'been there, done that' kind of feeling.  I felt like there were other challenges out there.  Marla and I felt the time had come to concentrate on our dream of seeing the world via our successful SSQQ sideline, the SSQQ Travel Club.  

After SSQQ-Bissonnet closed, Marla and I still wanted to continue teaching dance.  While it is true that organizing large cruise trips can be a full-time job in its own right, four cruise trips a year leaves still leaves 48 weeks at home here in Houston.

With this in mind, Marla and I created a spacious 500 sq ft dance studio in our home here in the Heights to teach private lessons.  If you ever need help with any dance - Western, Swing, Waltz, Salsa, Night Club, Slow Dance, Foxtrot, Rumba, West Coast - just let us know. 


Private Lessons for Small Groups

Written by Rick Archer
July 2010

When the term "Private Lesson" is used at dance studios, it typically refers to one-on-one training or an instructor working with a couple.

Going back to the days of the Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray franchises, these studios historically utilized Private Lessons as the main staple of their business. 

SSQQ achieved its extraordinary success by trying a new concept: Group Lessons.  During its 30 year run, SSQQ made its mark by emphasizing Group Lessons over Private Lessons.  The SSQQ Group Class Dance Program was a phenomenal success.  At its peak, SSQQ averaged over twelve hundred students a month. There was no other dance studio in America quite like SSQQ. 

As one of the first studios to concentrate on the Group Lesson concept, SSQQ literally created a new model for dance studios.  SSQQ was truly "one of a kind".

However, the April 2010 closing of SSQQ-Bissonnet put an end to that, at least where Marla and I are concerned.  Those days are over.  Now that we no longer have a 7,000 square foot, 6 room studio to run, Marla and I have moved back towards the traditional Private Lesson concept.

Fortunately there is a very pleasant compromise - "Group" Private Lessons.   Since the dance floor here at our house in the Heights can hold up to a dozen people, there is no reason why an individual can't organize their very own group to take lessons. 

Do you have friends who would like to learn the Western Waltz?  Organize a group of your friends. 

Do you have friends who want to learn Synchronized Polka or Night Club?  Organize a group of your friends.   What's so hard about that?

Here is how it works:  A group private lesson will run an hour and a half.  The charge will be $100.  Limit 12 people.

We can do the class Monday, Wednesdays, Thursday, or Friday evening from 7:00 - 8:30 pm.  We can also do classes on Saturday and Sunday afternoons and early evening.  The weekend time slot can be flexible. 

Back in the heyday of SSQQ-Bissonnet, a group lesson cost $40-$50 for 4 two hour lessons.  Do the math... that was $10 a night.  Now if you get 12 people, a Group Private Lesson is $8 a night per person.  And why is it so inexpensive?   That's easy to explain - no overhead!  Marla and I are happy to pass the savings on to you. 

A Group Private Dance Lesson combines the best of all worlds - Social Interaction, accelerated learning, a fun teacher and inexpensive too.   You decide what you wish to learn.  You decide who is in your class. What more can you ask for?

Private Lesson Photographs

Susan - Salsa

Wedding Foxtrot

Meredith and Ron - Wedding Slow Dance

and Lina - Swing

Kristi and Richard - Western

Jennifer - Western

Cristina and Travis - Western

Devin and Taylor - Wedding Foxtrot

Sallie and Jeff - Western

Meredith and Christopher - Wedding Foxtrot

Marissa and Glenn - Wedding Foxtrot

Wedding Foxtrot



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