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SSQQ Refund Policy Overview

Email Rick Archer at for clarification on any problem


Point of View - The Nature of Refunds and Contracts
Rick Archer
February 2005

People in the dance studio business consider the SSQQ Refund and Credit Policy to be one of the most liberal in the industry.  Many dance studios take a much simpler approach to Refunds.  They either don't have one or they don't give refunds.

For example, in the picture below you can study the Refund Policy of the largest dance studio in New York City.
The URL is included if you wish to double-check the legitimacy of this picture.

Are you curious what are the Refund Policies of other major US dance studios?? 

Well, when I got around to writing this article, I was curious myself so I went on to Google on March 8, 2005.  After a twenty minute search, I discovered the ONLY POLICY I could find was the one listed above!!

After visiting about a dozen web sites, I realized most dance studios simply avoid the subject.

They obviously aren't as stupid as I am to put the policy in writing. 

Here's another one for you. My wife found it on February 27, 2006:

At the "May I Have This Dance" studio, you need to cancel one week in advance to get your money back. If you wait any longer there is an administrative fee.  SSQQ has the most liberal policy listed so far.

By the way, if you can find some other dance studios that list their policies, email the site to Rick Archer at and please feel free to share.

In the meantime, we not only don't avoid the subject, we take the time to explain our reasons behind each policy. Here is what I think about Refunds.

The Incident that Locked in the SSQQ Refund Philosophy - Use It or Lose It 

True story. In 1993 I was invited to go skiing at Keystone, Colorado, with a group of friends from SSQQ.

DAY 1:  In order to get a discount for EXTREMELY expensive ski lift tickets, I bought a ‘ski 4 days over a 6 day period’ package. This gave me two days off during the trip which I figured would work out just fine. Excited to be back on the slopes after a long absence, I skied very hard the first day.

However I definitely overdid it.
DAY 2:  When I awoke the next day, I was stiff, sore and achy. I could barely move!  So I decided to take the second day off and rest my tired body.

DAY 3:  I skied the third day and loved every minute of it.

DAY 4:  On the fourth day my friends wanted to drive around Colorado and see the beauty. So I took the day off to go sight-seeing. I am glad I did because I had a wonderful time sharing the day with my friends. 

DAY 5:  However I must have caught a bug because on the fifth day I woke up sick out of my mind with some 24-hour virus. 

Ski? No way. I was miserable. I stayed in bed all day.

Fortunately I bounced back quickly. Now I was ready to ski again!

DAY 6:  However it was now the the sixth and final day of the trip. I had paid to ski four days but had only skied twice. I was in a bind because now I only had today left to ski. When I went to the Keystone Resort, I asked if I could get a refund for the day I missed.

Keystone's answer? Forget it. The guy at the desk said, "Use it or Lose it." 

Could I give my ticket to someone else or sell it to a stranger?  No. The ticket taker pointed out my picture was on the ticket and could not be transferred.  Obviously the picture was added because others had tried that same trick.

Basically I was out $67. I was irritated, but I got over it.

Would I ski Keystone Resort again?  Of course I would. In fact, I have been back to Keystone several times since without any rancor.

However, wouldn't it have been nice if they handed me a voucher that said, "Rick Archer gets one free day of skiing if used within the next two years"?  Would I have appreciated a compromise offer?

Of course I would have.  And I would likely have gone back to Keystone within two years.

A Deal is a Deal

I knew the rules at Keystone.  It was my tough luck. I threw away one day because I was sore, I burned another one sight-seeing, then I had the bad luck to get sick. Too bad. I took a gamble sight-seeing and paid for it.

The SSQQ Policy is nowhere near as tough as the Keystone Policy: We offer you the chance to make up for your missed class. All you have to do is Ask.

SSQQ gives you more options. For example, if a problem occurs, a student can often make a class up by coming on another night. Or you can review what you missed in the first hour of the next class.

If you cannot complete your class, you may either retake your class for free by asking for an EXCEPTION  (You must email us in advance for permission)  or you can take it over for half-price.

However, once the One Hour Grace Period is over, don't expect us to give you your money back.




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Over the years there have been several occasions where our students have objected strongly to our Policy.  As a result, we have several articles that deal with the ground rules, history, philosophy of the ssqq refund and credit policy.

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