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Gary Richardson

2551 N. Gessner (see map below)
Phone:  713-461-8660

Gary Richardson's Computer Store, TFW Computers, has been instrumental in bringing SSQQ  to the forefront in the use of modern technology.

Gary makes his own computers. He uses the best equipment available from different companies and assembles fabulous systems.

Not only are his computers fast and reliable, he absolutely stands by his work.  If something isn't right, he will stick with it till he finds the problem.  You will not get this unique and invaluable quality anywhere else in the city, trust me.

The large computer stores may be able to save a couple dollars off the price, but they certainly won't help you when the "chips are down."

For the complete story about what TFW Computers has done for Rick Archer and SSQQ, click here.

In addition to his computers, Gary has been instrumental in helping SSQQ make recordable CD's for our parties long before this was common-place, he is thoroughly knowledgeable in MP3 music software, he is an expert at digital cameras, and is adept at helping with scanners, modems, printers, Internet software, email problems, backing up data, you name it.

All in all, Gary and his Computer store are two pretty good reasons you should drop by if you have any sort of computer problem... and who doesn't have one ?

In addition, Gary and his lovely wife Betty can dance... they are legends at the Friday Nite Midnight Waltz session at SSQQ, a fixture at the Tuesday Wild West event ... and a fabulous raconteur ... he was known as "Mr. Windjammer" on the 2002 Caribbean Cruise. 

Rick Archer.

TFW Computers has computer classes Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 7-9 pm in the evenings and on Saturday morning 9-11 am for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. 
For more information, click here

The following SSQQ instructors and students have all bought major computer systems from Gary. As you can see, I put my money where my mouth is. Buying my computers from Gary was one of the best business decisions I ever made in my life !

Since 1997, the SSQQ extended family has ordered more than 100 computers. And I have not heard one complaint. Zero. 

And Gary's support for these computers after the sale has been phenomenal. It is the best place in Houston to buy a computer. 

computer.jpg (7875 bytes)


153 Computers sold to date

  Multiple Purchases
  One time Purchase

Rick Archer = 26 computers
George Grega = 12
Jim Bohli = 11
Jack Benard = 4
Mike Blaha = 4
Donna and Paul Motard = 3
Bruce Kyckelhahn = 3
Bett Sundermeyer = 3
Jill Banta = 3 
John Frierson = 3
Cher Longoria = 3
Gary Thorpe = 3

Tom Easley = 3
John Hemmer = 2
bie Solomon = 2
Marion Sarmiento = 2
Linda Lanier = 2
Mitchell Weigand = 2
Rick Elizondo = 2
David Schroeder = 2
Martha Ng = 2
Jeff Tuckar = 2
Johnny Money = 2
Maureen Brunetti = 2
Linda Cook = 2

Karen Posner = 1
Ann Lindsey = 1
Rick Jacobsen = 1
Belinda Summers = 1
Robert Curtis = 1
Mitch Istre = 1
Heidi Moynihan = 1

Carl & Margaux Mann = 1
John Chapman = 1
Leroy Ginzel = 2
John Hall = 1
Brian White = 1
Steve Bahnsen = 1
JoAnne and Daryl Armstrong = 1
Bonnie Berube = 1
Marla Gorzynski = 1
Leonard Pohler = 1
Milt Oglesby = 1
Tom Flaherty = 1
Ralph Walorski = 1
Elizabeth Carillo = 1
Glen Morris = 1
Robert Goins = 1
Rachel and David Koenig = 1
Dakota Wilhelm = 1
Don Schmidt = 1
Nancy Edelman = 1
Sheryl Marquez =1
Tom and Jo Tucker = 1
Bert Hugger = 1
Felisa Sanchez = 1
Lacy Crary = 1

Jack Benard = 1
Mona Nashed = 1
Peggy McElroy =1
Martha Bouldin = 1
Anne Faget = 1

Mark Leiserowitz = 1
Carol Batson = 1
Millie Cagle = 1
Rhonda Hudson = 1
Clarence Staples = 1
Ray Velasquez = 1
Joe Pikas = 1
Anne Wells = 1
Joyce Peters = 1
Judith Williams = 1

I might add my friend Mike Fagan, once a Texas State Whip Champion (an accomplishment) and a Rice University Computer Science PhD who is head of his department (ho hum) wanted me to remind everyone of the time Gary was able to fix his beloved computer the same day that lightning disabled it back on Memorial Day 1998  (yes, for some reason, Gary was open that day).

This instant fix-it service enabled Mike to continue to pound his keyboard for the rest of the day instead of being forced to join the human race for an hour or so.

Thank you so much, Gary! 

You did both Mike and Society a great favor!

   Phone : 
713 - 461 - 8660

  Email : 

Address :
2551 North Gessner
2 miles north of I-10

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