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BAK CRAFTS is a wedding videography service owned by Bill Kithas. Mr. Kithas has provided exceptional quality video for weddings, theater plays, and dance recitals since 1992.

Mr. Kithas is the man who has tutored me in the use of computer software for digital video editing. As a result I have seen Mr. Kithas' work first-hand. 

I can honestly say I am in awe of his skill. Mr. Kithas is the first person in Houston to make wide use of  Digital Video and Computer Technology in processing his films. As a result, Mr. Kithas is not an ordinary photographer. He is actually closer to an artist in his field. 

For example, in a wedding video, his excellent blend of music, still photography, video photography, and special effects mixed in with snapshots from childhood, courtship, and honeymoon allow Mr. Kithas to tell a wonderful story rather than simply shoot footage. Your videos and my videos look like something taken in the back yard. His videos look like something Stephen Spielberg might put together for his daughter's wedding. 

This special skill is why I so highly recommend his work.     Rick Archer


Mr. Kithas will provide demonstrations by appointment. He will bring the demonstration to you; at your home, church, reception site, or a place of convenience.  

His Wedding Video Packages include:  

Three copies of video with Personalized Custom Cases

3D animated title, wedding party title, custom test, color, graphics, special effects, and background music. 

Digital Editing, Wireless microphones for Vows and Reception Interviews.

Mr. Kithas will record your video with world class Digital 3CCD cameras. These extremely expensive, state-of-the-art DV cameras provide phenomenal quality.


Office 281-263-2505

Home 281-855-0815

Email Bill Kithas at

14943 Royal Birkdale
Houston, Tx, 77095

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