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Hi Everyone!!  This is the place where we hide some of the best material on the SSQQ Dance Studio Web Site!!
Please note these pages have nothing to do with dancing.   So what?  There many fascinating stories here (plus lots of Puzzles!)
Some stories are humorous, some articles are simply pictures, some are serious stuff, while other stories verge on the unbelievable. 
Do yourself a big favor and browse a while!!

  Battle of New Orleans   A lawyer has to go all the back to God to secure a deed.
  Computer Billing Hell   How owing nothing at all can make your life an absolute misery.
  Wisdom of Dan Quayle   Talk about the ultimate "Oxymoron"!!  Very funny in a sad way.
  One Hundred People   The distribution of the earth's population by race, religion, etc. 
  Levees   A simple "Picture Tells the Story" about the breakdown of New Orleans levees
  Internet Lies   One of the most useful and fascinating web pages you will ever visit!!
  Railroad Absurdities   A true story how the size of a horse's butt shapes our Space Program
  Bizarre Death Stories   Some stories are true, some are not, but all stories are morbidly fascinating.
  Houston Traffic   An apocalyptic vision of Houston's Destiny if we don't get mass transit.
  Battle of the Sexes   A fascinating look at how the Sexes battle each other through wit.
  Shaggie Jitterbug   The unbelievable true story of Texas A&M's Trademark battle w/ SSQQ
  Picture Jokes   Want a good laugh?  Nine stories told by pictures are sure to have you grinning from ear to ear.
  HSDS Feud   The Houston Swing Dance Society has not always been very friendly
  Larry the Moron   Read about the dumbest stunt ever pulled in annals of mankind.
  Computers of the Future   You will have a hard time believing that someday you will carry your computer in your pocket until you see these pictures
  Stupidity   Several incredible events demonstrating total stupidity and lapses of good judgment.
  Darwin Revisited   Is Society extending too wide a safety net to protect the stupid?
  Dance Hall Sin   How dangerous can dancing be to society?  Find out!!
  Pot Farm   Have you ever been tempted to risk everything in a criminal activity that appears to have a great chance of succeeding?
  Responsibility   Do you believe our legal system is more than slightly screwed up?  Six case histories and more.
  Laura Wilkinson   The wonderful story of how an injured underdog from Houston won Olympic Gold in 2000!
  Beaver Dam   Who would have ever thought a dam built by beavers would result in penalties of $10,000 a day!
The SSQQ Puzzle Page - Seven different Challenging Puzzles to choose from!
Einstein Puzzle Creativity Test Logic Puzzles Geography Quiz Christmas Puzzle Picture Puzzle Monster Quiz
  Einstein's Puzzle   The Einstein Puzzle is the most visited pages on our entire web site.  Are you one of the smartest 2%
  Creativity Quiz   Example: 365 = D in a Y    Answer?  365 Days in a Year.  This is a famous Internet Brain Teaser
  Logic Puzzles   Here are 40 different Logic Puzzles to choose from!
  Geography Quiz   So, how much do you actually know about Geography??
  Christmas Carol Puzzle   One of the top ten Christmas Puzzles on the Internet!
  Picture Puzzle   A cute little quiz that makes you guess what simple every day sayings each picture represents
  Monster Quiz   So you think you are an expert on identifying Hollywood Halloween Monsters?  Let's find out how good you are. Here is a Halloween Monster Quiz!
Places to Visit - Five Extraordinary Locations that all of us would want to visit after we win the Lottery!
Dubai China Louvre Venice Italy
  Dubai City   The Story of Dubai City, the Las Vegas of the Middle East  (The Third of three stories about Dubai)
  China   Some of the most beautiful pictures of China imaginable
  Carnavale   Carnavale de Venetio is an annual Masquerade Ball held in Venice.  The masks and costumes are unbelievably beautiful.
  The Louvre Museum   The history and artwork of one of the world's great museums, the Louvre in Paris, France.  This article includes six pages of pictures
  Italy   Twenty gorgeous pictures of one of Europe's most popular countries to visit
Retirement Fantasies - Three visions of Retirement Paradise.  Must read for all aging Boomers!
Greg Norman's Yacht RV Lifestyle Fantasy Island
  Greg Norman's Yacht   Ever dream of putting out to sea and just cruising the world?  This should help your fantasy.
  RV Lifestyle   Have you ever been tempted to sell the house, tell the kids to grow up and take care of themselves, then head off into the wild blue yonder in your RV?
  Fantasy Island   Are you the person who wants to live on a deserted island in a South Pacific Tropical Paradise?  If so, this should whet your fantasies!
Dangerous Places -  Four amazing stories about Three Dangerous Roads plus a Hiking Trail in China that is a Death Trap.  These stories are "must read".
 Russian Highway from Hell Bolivian Highway of Death  Guoliang Tunnel Mt Huashan Hiking Trail
 Russian Mud Highwayl   There is an unpaved road in Siberia that turns to total MUD during the summer months.  You have to see it to believe it.
 Bolivian Death Highway   This perilous road is carved out of a mountain a mile above the valley below.  It is windy, narrow and has no safety barriers.  Dangerous?  ABSOLUTELY!
 Guoliang Tunnel   Actually there is no danger here at this tunnel in China, just one of the most amazing roads on Planet Earth.  The story behind it is fascinating.
 Mt Huashan Hiking Trail   This frightening Hiking Trail in China will scare the willies out of you. Just wait till you see the pictures!
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