Traveling Men
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Traveling Men

This is a Logic Puzzle about men who commute daily to their jobs.

Amos, Clem, Dave, Eric, and Glen all live and work in small towns along the notorious Interstate Highway Route 66. 

Each man works in a different town from the one he lives in, and no two men live or work in the same town. Some drive east in the morning and west in the evening or vice versa.

As a result, they pass one another during their daily back and forth commutes. 

From the following clues, determine each man's last name (from among Drake, Martin, Pearson, Sellers, and Tobin), the town in which he lives, the town in which he works, and the one-way distance he must travel to work. 

1. Both Clem and the Lakeland resident are salesmen; Dave and Mr. Pearson are both repairmen; the man who lives in Budville is a fireman. (all 5 men are mentioned in this clue)

2. Eric, Mr. Drake and Mr. Tobin all drive east to work, while the men who live in Lakeland and Clermont drive west. (all 5 men are mentioned in this clue)

3. From Clermont, the distance to Parnassus is 11 miles - Lakeland is 19 miles, and Budville is 32 miles.

4. Only Parnassus and Budville (in that order) lie between Dave's home and his place of work. After he drives through them, he has 17 miles more to travel to work.

5. Mr. Sellers, whose first name is not Amos, travels 2 miles more than the Clermont resident.

6. Eric does not live in Budville, nor does he drive as far as Clermont to work.

7. Amos drives farther than Mr. Tobin, but not as far as the Upton resident.

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