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James, Marlies, Nancy, Mack, and George realized they were spending practically every evening dancing at SSQQ Dance Studio. To their delight, their friend and entrepreneur Mara was able to purchase a three-story condominium right across the street from the studio. The six friends decided to all move into together so all they had to do was walk across the street to dance whenever they wanted to.

Mara's building had two apartments to a floor (see
diagram below). The apartments lettered "A" were on the left and the apartments lettered "B" were on the right.  From the clues below, can you figure out each student's full name and his or her apartment number?

  1. Snow was not the final person to move in.
  2. Mara's apartment faces the same way as Young's, but Young isn't directly above her.
  3. Wilson's apartment was on the right side.
  4. Nancy shares her floor, which isn't the third, with Smith.
  5. The persons in 2A and 3B are of opposite sexes.
  6. Mack's apartment is one floor above Wallace's and face in the opposite direction.
  7. Two women's apartments were on the left.
  8. George and Smith's apartments were on the same side.
  9. Mara isn't Durham.
  10. Nancy isn't Wallace.
  11. None of the 3 men has an apartment directly over another man's.

This is not a long puzzle, so in that sense it is easy.  But the puzzle writer doesn't do you any favors.  The information contained in the clues is so sparse that for a moment there you wonder if they told you enough to solve the riddle.

Send your answers to Rick Archer,   Good luck!

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