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The College Kids

Recently five SSQQ fathers had their college-age kids in visiting them from college during Spring Break.  One Saturday night all 5 Dads decided to drag their college students along with them to an SSQQ Country-Western Crash Course.

As a result all five pairs of Big Kids and Dads ended up in the same Beginning Twostep class. At first the college kids were embarrassed at being caught hanging with their fathers, especially doing something as uncool as dancing.

However by the end of the evening, the Dads were smiling as they watched what a good time their almost-grown children were having dancing with each other and talking about their colleges. The only thing that bothered them was that their kids had dumped them completely, but then that's what being a parent is all about, yes?

The young women in this tale are Diane, Emily, and Jane. The young men are Peter and Fred.

From the clues below, can you guess what the major is of each college student, what part of town they are from, and what their father does for a living??


1. The economics student's father is a realtor. The psychiatrist is the father of neither Fred nor the mathematics major.

2. The professor's daughter from West University is neither Emily nor the biochemistry student.

3. Diane is studying for a master's degree in history. Jane's father is not the psychiatrist.

4. The political science major lives in the Memorial area of Houston.

5. Peter's father is an attorney who neither lives nor practices out in Kingwood.

6. Jane who lives in River Oaks is not studying mathematics.

7. Fred has no interest in or knowledge of biochemistry.

8. One couple drove in to class from Sugarland. One father is a retired CIA operative.

About the Puzzle: This is an easy one, folks. If you have any persistence at all, you should ace this one without breaking a sweat.

Email Your Answers to Rick Archer at   Good luck!!


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