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Practice Makes Perfect!!

Abbie and five of her girlfriends have recently been taking dance lessons in different styles.

From the following clues, can you determine each girl’s full name (one surname is Anderson), her favorite dance, and the number of months she has been taking lessons?  (Note: there are no fractions of months included).

  1. Betty and the Bunch girl practice their Tango and Whip lessons together.
  2. Cindy has taken lessons one month longer than the Cho girl (who is not Fran).
  3. Daisy Dilson has taken lessons six months longer than the Tango student and ten months longer than the Fells girl, who dances Salsa.
  4. The Waltz player has taken lessons for five months – longer than Ellie and the Swing dancer, but not as long as Cindy, or the one who takes Hustle, or the girl who has taken lessons for twenty months.
  5. The Tango student has taken lessons twice as long as the Evers girl and three times as long as Ellie.

About the Puzzle: This one is a cakewalk. Last month's puzzle was the toughest ever, so I thought a change of pace was called for. Failure to solve this puzzle is an indication of severe mental laziness. No excuses!

Email Your Answers to Rick Archer at  

Good luck!!

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