Picture Jokes

Picture Jokes

Located at another part of the SSQQ Web Site are some pretty interesting stories told by pictures. You have to see them to realize how much fun they are. These stories are just one mouse click away. You won't regret it!  Picture Jokes

  Winter Fun   A look at the work of a genius.
  Truck Artwork   There is an interesting mystery here. Can you solve it?
  World's Tallest Woman   You gotta see her.  She's not only taller than Yao Ming, she's a babe!
  Bad Day   Pictures of the Worst Day imaginable
  Surprise   This one's pretty cool.  A beautiful woman is playing a trick on you right in plain sight.
  Roller Coaster   The consequences of a ride on an amazing rollercoaster.
  Sign Painter   A very curious sign is being painted.  It sure looks like... nah... it couldn't be that... or could it?
  Bird Mystery   A car wash is losing money.  The thief turns out to be a bird!
  Jamaican Accident Mystery   Lotsa accidents in Jamaica, mon, what could be causing it?
  And more!  
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