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 SSQQ Travel is run by Rick Archer and Marla ArcherSSQQ Travel began in 1998 as an offshoot of SSQQ 
 Dance Studio in Houston, Texas.  Dancing has played a major role in every trip.  Marla Archer works 
 as a full-time Travel Agent. Over the past 15 years, Rick and Marla have taken 50 group cruise adventures
 and booked over 2,500 passengers.  We haven't lost one yet, but you could always be the first!   
 In addition to booking all SSQQ Cruise Trips, Marla is available to help with individual trips as well. 
lease contact
Rick Archer sold SSQQ in 2010.  However, in retirement he teaches one night a week on Mondays at Chapelwood Methodist Church.   His Monday class varies monthly from Western to Swing and Ballroom.   Class size varies between 20 and 40.

Rick continues to write the SSQQ Travel Newsletter to post Travel updates, promote Chapelwood and tell his stories.  To receive this Newsletter, email

Rick teaches occasional private dance lessons and wedding lessons.  For questions about these lessons or anything in general, please contact

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