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Douglas Peabody  (1949-2007)

I am sad to report that our friend Doug, 58, passed away on October 28, 2007.  One night in late October, Maureen Brunetti came to the studio in tears to tell me her close friend Doug had fallen seriously ill with kidney problems.  She said that Doug had just left Houston to seek treatment in his home state of New Hampshire at Dartmouth.  He died soon after.

After Doug passed away, Maureen had some words she asked me to include.  Douglas was a big part of the SSQQ Swing community for a long time.  He helped Maureen as her whip and swing assistant for many years.  As Maureen pointed out, Doug promoted dancing whenever and wherever he could.  He made business cards with SSQQ's address, website and phone number to pass out at dance venues.

People would be amazed at some flashy step, or just marvel at social, partner dancing and ask where could they learn to do that. 

Doug was ALWAYS happy to dance with beginning ladies and to tell the beginning guys to hang in there, they will get it and that it's worth it. 

Douglas Peabody will be missed here at the studio.

The Swing Kids (1999)

From: Charley Denton (pictured at bottom in yellow shirt)
Sent: Thursday, April 23, 2009 8:30 PM
To: Rick Archer
Subject: Two Tons Picture

Hey Rick, The group picture of us at the Broken Spoke with Two Tons is a special one for many of us. It was the last time many of us saw Douglas Peabody. He either didn't know he was sick or had not revealed it yet.

We all miss him. When a group of us had a memorial dinner for him one night, we all discovered other sides to him we didn't know. An old friend of his didn't know he danced, some didn't know he had an amazing collection of gadgets and zippo lighters, none of us knew his time was so short. He gave Teresa a zippo for safekeeping when he went in the hospital. He gave me a bunch of his NASA fans (cardboard cuts of NASA documents we used to fan ourselves).

Judith said he always made her feel a part of the group .... sadly she doesn't come anymore. We honor him every 2nd Tuesday of the month with a dance where we bring lots of baby powder for the floor (another one of his touches).  Sometimes kids or parents or friends will come to see some of the magic that Douglas helped to start.  Doug was a nice eccentric man who didn't need many words to touch others.   We all miss him. Charley

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