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The Art Festival Logic Puzzle

Mr. and Mrs. Picasso, Mr. and Mrs. Michelangelo, Mr. and Mrs. da Vinci, Mr. and Mrs. Dali, plus Mr. and Mrs. Renoir are all skilled artists who live in Texas.  Recently the five husbands attended an art festival here in Houston.  Several of their wives attended as well.

(note: Mr. Picasso's first name is not Pablo. Although the Texas artists are indeed quite skilled, it is only a coincidence that these 10 Texas artists have names similar to famous artists from the past.)

Each man has a different art style and each lives in a different Texas city. From the clues below, can you determine each man's full name, his style of painting, his wife's name, and the city each couple lives in? 


1. The Modernist and his wife entertained William and his wife, Katherine and her husband, and Mr. Dali at a wine and cheese party in their home on the last day of the festival.

2. Sarah did not attend the festival with her Impressionist husband because she is afraid of flying.

3. Annette is not Mrs. da Vinci.

4. David, who is not the Cubist, has never been to West Texas. 

5. Mr. da Vinci is not the Landscape artist.

6. The San Antonio man - who is not the Landscape artist and whose first name is not Rogelio - told Jackie he thought her husband should have been a Silhouette artist instead of a Portrait artist.

7. Marilyn and David's wife both hope to convince their husbands to visit Houston again.

8. Mr. Michelangelo wished his wife had attended the festival. 

9. Annette, who is not Mrs. Renoir, had never met Rogelio before the party. 

10. Patrick and his wife Jackie are not from Dallas, nor is the man from Dallas the Landscape artist.

11. Frank and his wife agreed that this was their favorite festival ever.


This is a fairly easy puzzle.  Email your answers at   Thanks for playing! Rick Archer

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