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A Las Vegas Dealer has shuffled only the Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces from a deck of cards. He deals them face up on a table from left to right in four rows of four cards each in the order shown in the picture. From the following clues, can you locate each of the 16 cards??

1. All of the aces are on the periphery of the arrangement.
2. The four corner cards, in no particular order, are the Jack of Hearts, the Jack of Clubs, the Queen of Diamonds, and the Ace of Clubs.
3. Each row and each column includes one card of each suit.
4. Each column includes one of each face card and one ace.
5. The second row has no Aces in it.
6. The first card dealt was a Club.
7. The Queen of Diamonds is not in the first row.
8. Card 12 is not a Diamond.
9. Card 2 is not a Spade.
10. The King of Clubs was dealt after the Queen of Clubs.

I remember this being pretty easy.

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