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On one side of a very unusual street named Terror Avenue, there are five very rundown haunted houses which are painted (in no particular order) Banshee Black, Halloween Orange, Bloody Mary Red, Graveyard Gray, and Moonlight White. Now the owners of these houses are Frankenstein, Dracula, Witch, Ghost, and Psycho. Their occupations in no particular order are Horror Film Actor, Undertaker, Psychotherapist, Assassin, and Obituary Writer

Your job is to figure out who lives in which house, what their occupation is, and the color of each haunted house (the house on the far left is House One, the far right is House Five). Don't be scared!!  This puzzle is eerie and dreary, but not too tough.

1. The White house is directly between Frankenstein's house and the Obituary Writer's house.
2. The Assassin lives at one end of the block, next door to the Black house.
3. The Horror Film Actor's residence is one of those to the left of the Ghost house.
4. The Gray house is not at the extreme right.
5. Psycho lives next door to one of the two corner houses.
6. The Obituary Writer lives next door and to the right of the Black house.
7. The Orange house is next door to Dracula's residence.
8. Psycho lives in one of the houses to the right of the Black house.
9. The middle house on the block is not painted Gray.
10. The Psychotherapist lives next door to Psycho

I don't recall this puzzle being too tough.  The clues are pretty straight-forward.
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Thanks for playing! 

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