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The Social Dance Training School teaches its students to become Professional Dance Instructors.  Once their students complete their training, the Training School arranges interviews between its graduating students and prospective employers.

One day this past spring, 5 future instructors had interviews scheduled with the owners from 5 different dance studios (one owner was Ms. Exner).

Each student met individually with each of the five studio owners.  The day was quite full as each Studio Owner interviewed the five different future instructors at 9 am, 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and 2 pm.

From the clues below, can you determine the following?

bulletEach future dance teacher's full name (one last name is Norman)
bulletHis or her dance specialty
bulletThe name of the five studio owners and the name of their business
bulletPlus the complete interview schedule
  1. Ms. Orwell's interview with Mr. Alton was two hours later than the Salsa major's.
  2. Isaac met with Mr. Bastrop one hour after being interviewed by the owner of Quickstep College.
  3. Heidi's last name isn't Kellogg.
  4. Grace met with Dr. Combs an hour before her interview with the Elegance Academy owner.
  5. Jack's dance major was Swing.
  6. Mr. Bastrop interviewed Heidi an hour before interviewing Ms. Martin.
  7. The Disco Tech owner interviewed the Ballroom major in the morning.
  8. Kellogg's interview with the Quickstep College owner was not at 11:00.
  9. Fiona and Mr. Alton met at 2:00.
  10. Grace's 9:00 interview was not with Mr. Alton.
  11. The Western dance major's 2:00 interview was not with the All That Jazz owner.
  12. Fiona's 1:00 appointment was not with Mr. Combs.
  13. Grace and Mr. Drecker met at 1:00.
  14. The Tango major's interview with the SSQQ owner was an hour before Short's.
  15. Grace isn't the Salsa major.
  16. Mr. Alton is not the Elegance Academy owner.


So What does Rick have to say about the Puzzle?

I say, "Oh boy, you better watch out!  Don't do this one if you are a beginner."

This puzzle is very difficult. In fact, I think it is definitely one of the three hardest puzzle I have ever submitted.  Just as an example, I went back and solved it again in 2008 three years after my first shot at it.  It took me THREE TRIES to get it right!  So if you are a beginner at solving logic puzzles, either steer clear or expect a bumpy ride.  

I suggest you construct several "Logic Charts" because you have a lot of facts to keep track of.  I used three different charts in all.

The people who solve this one have the right to be known as true Logic Aces. 
Send your answers to Rick Archer at     
Please put this as the Subject: Logic Puzzle Job Interviews

 Good luck! 

Names of People Who Have Solved This Puzzle:

  1. Roberto Ramirez - May 2008
  2. Rick Archer - May 2008
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