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  1. Andy dislikes the Catcher.
  2. Ed's sister is engaged to the Second Baseman.
  3. The Center Fielder is taller than the Right Fielder.
  4. Harry and the Third Baseman live in the same building.
  5. Paul and Allen each won $20 from the Pitcher at pinochle.
  6. Ed and the Outfielders play poker during their free time.
  7. The Pitcher's wife is the Shortstop's cousin.
  8. All the Battery and Infield, except Allen, Harry, and Andy, are shorter than Sam.
  9. Paul, Andy, and the Shortstop lost $50 at the Racetrack.
  10. Paul, Harry, Bill, and the Catcher took a trouncing from the Second Baseman at Pool.
  11. Sam is getting a divorce. 
  12. The Catcher and the Third Baseman have the same mother-in-law. 
  13. Ed, Paul, Jerry, the Right Fielder and the Center Fielder are bachelors. 
  14. The others are married. 
  15. The Shortstop, the Third Baseman, and Bill each cleaned up $100 betting the fight. 
  16. One of the Outfielders is either Mike or Andy. 
  17. Jerry is taller than Bill. 
  18. Mike is shorter than Bill. 
  19. Each of them is heavier than the Third Baseman. 

 So who plays First Base??


I think this is a medium to hard puzzle.

To confirm your success, you are are welcome to e
mail the First Baseman's name to Rick Archer at

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