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Way up at the North Pole, Santa and his elves live a relatively normal life for much of the year.  Santa in particular is best friends with four elves: Fritz, Olaf, Andreas and Hans. 

These five men live in Winter Wonderland, a ritzy North Pole subdivision.  As friends, they do everything together.  Each of the five keeps one of the Reindeer in his cottage with him for company:  Prancer, Dancer, Comet, Cupid, and of course Rudolph.

The reindeer, the elves, and Santa all hang out and do winter sports. 

Accordingly each person keeps a single snow transport in his home including skis, a toboggan, a sled, ice skates, and a sleigh (which stays at Santa's cottage).
Furthermore they all like to get together in each other's cottages after work and drink together. Each cottage is visited once a week and each of the five men has his own particular favorite beverage which he serves: 

Brau, Wassail, Schnapps, Eggnog, and Cider.

The cottages of the elves and Santa are all lined in a row side by side one another on Reindeer Avenue. 

Now, from the clues listed below, do you think you can figure out which of the four elves or Santa keeps Rudolph in his cottage??  And who drinks the cider??

Good luck, this is a tricky one!!

1. Santa keeps the sleigh.

2. Fritz lives in a Pink cottage.

3. Hans takes care of Dancer.

4. Schnapps is the favorite drink in the Orange cottage.

5. Andreas drinks Brau.

6. The Orange cottage is immediately to the right (your right) of the Yellow cottage.

7. The skis are kept by the elf who takes care of Prancer.

8. The sled keeper lives in the Red cottage.

9. Eggnog is the drink of choice in the middle cottage.

10. Olaf lives in the first cottage on the left.

11. The elf with the skates lives in the cottage next to where Comet lives.

12. The sled is kept by the elf in the house next to the house where Cupid is kept.

13. The toboggan keeper drinks Wassail.

14. The elf with the skates lives next to the elf who drinks cider.

15. Olaf lives next to the blue cottage.

The Rudolph Puzzle is a difficult logic puzzle. It took me over two hours to solve it. However the puzzle was fair and clues made sense.

Send your answers to Rick Archer, 

We will post the names of all winners in next month's Newsletter.  This is a tough one, but if you like logic puzzles, this is a good adventure!!

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