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Hobby Puzzle

The SSQQ Jungle Retirement Home sponsored a series of lectures one week.  It featured talks given by five talented members of the community. 

Starting on Monday and continuing through Friday, each day a different man would present a talk about his favorite hobby. Your job is to guess: 
1. Each speaker's first name.
2. Each speaker's last name
3. His previous profession before retirement
4, His current hobby
5  The day on which he spoke.

The 5 Speakers
Mr. Hippo Mr. Crocodile Mr. Tiger Mr. Bear Mr. Elephant

1. The former hypnotist, who did not speak on volleyball, attended all but one of the five lectures; Gus missed the Tuesday and Wednesday sessions.
2. The man whose hobby is climbing spoke on Monday; neither Mr. Crocodile nor Mr. Bear was present. 
3. Painting is not Sparky's activity.
4. Mr. Elephant, whose subject was comedy, spoke before both Fritz and Mr. Tiger.
5. The former stuntman was scheduled to speak before Siegfried, but after at least two others.
6. The former chiropractor's speech was on the day after Mr. Crocodile's, but before both the talks of the retired dance teacher and the one who spoke on writing. 
The 5 first names: The 5 former Professions:
1. Gus
2. Sparky
3. Fritz
4. Siegfried
5. Clyde
1. Hypnotist
2. Stuntman
3. Chiropractor
4. Dance Teacher
5. Cook
The 5 Hobbies
Painting Volleyball Climbing Comedy Writing

It has been a long time, but I don't recall this puzzle being very tough.
Email your answers to Rick Archer, dance@ssqq.com 

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