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Logic Puzzle:  Private Lessons

At different times on a recent Friday morning, Ms. Forest and five other women came to SSQQ Dance Studio for private dance lessons.

Two different things were studied in each lesson. First each woman studied a different Ballroom dance (among them a Foxtrot), then she concentrated on a special skill that she wished to become excellent at (such as a Lift).

Each of the six one-hour lessons was consecutive. They were completed that afternoon at a different hour from 1 to 6 pm.

From the following clues, try to determine each woman's full name (one first name is Laura), which dance she learned and what particular skill she worked on, plus the particular hour each lesson was held.


  1. Ms. Battles lesson took place two hours after Ms. Eastons.

  2. The Waltz lesson occurred three hours before Ms. Carters lesson.

  3. Maras lesson, which was not the Swing, was finished before Ms. Dixons lesson.

  4. The Rumba lesson was done one hour after the Advanced Footwork skill was covered.

  5. Veras lesson was done the hour before Ms. Andrews took her lesson.

  6. Ms. Eastons lesson took place one hour after Saras lesson.

  7. The Swing lesson took place one hour before the Syncopation skill was covered.

  8. The Hip Motion skill was not paired with the Cha Cha lesson.

  9. The Tango lesson happened after the lesson which covered Multiple Spins.

  10. Saras lesson came two hours before the Lunge skill was learned.

  11. Claras lesson came before Taras.

  12. Ms. Battles lesson happened before the 5-6 pm slot.

  13. Ms. Carters lesson came one hour after the Rumba lesson.

  14. The Syncopation skill was learned in the time slot which began one hour after Ms. Andrews lesson was completed.

  15.  Taras lesson came before the Cha Cha lesson.

So What does Rick have to say about the Puzzle?

This puzzle was extremely difficult. I literally had to develop a new skill to figure out how to solve the puzzle. 

Let's just say I was pretty skeptical that my new trick would work, but I had exhausted all my traditional ways of solving logic puzzles.

For example, my "truth chart" where you X-out the various incorrect possibilities wasn't yielding me any new answers.  There were too many open spots left to make any conclusions.

So in other words I was stuck on my third try.  It was time for something new. 
To my astonishment, once I tried my new trick, it worked like a charm.  If you would like a hint on how I solved it, click here.

In conclusion, I would have to say this ranks in the top ten for toughest logic puzzles I have ever solved. More than likely you will simply have to plod along until you get it. 

Send your answers to Rick Archer at      Good luck! 

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