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The SSQQ Logic Puzzle: 
Lake Wackawacka

At Lake WackaWacka Boy Scout camp, there are five tiny islands in the middle of the lake. They are connected to the Boy Scout camp and to each other by a system of simple wood ramps (see map below). On each island there is a tree house built and maintained by the scouts.

These islands are named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, and Omega. Whenever a Scout attains a merit badge, he is rewarded by getting to spend the weekend with one or two friends from his Boy Scout Troop in one of the tree houses without a chaperone. Needless to say, the Scouts work extra hard to attain this special privilege.

One weekend 5 Scouts named are Henry, Frank, David, Peter, and Walt are being rewarded for attaining a new Merit Badge. 

In no particular order, their badges are for Forestry, Birds, Leaves, First Aid, and Signals. Each boy is rewarded with possession of one of the islands for the weekend. 

Given the map above and the clues below, can you identify each of the 5 islands by name, which scout is camping on each island, and which scout has earned which Merit Badge?? 

Here are additional clues:

  1. When the Signals badge winner walks to visit Walt, he has to take three ramps; in transit, he walks by Davidís house before he enters the ramp to Delta Island.
  2. As the crow flies, Frankís island is closer to the Scout Camp on the mainland than is the Forestry Badge winner.
  3. The First Aid badge winner has to cross only one walkway to get from his house to the island of Beta. 
  4. One day Peter walked to Boy Scout Camp on the mainland. On his return trip, he visited Gamma Island before returning to his home island. His return trip required four ramp crossings.
  5. The resident of Alpha (which is not Island 2) is not the Leaves expert.
  6. Henry can walk to either the Scout Camp or the island of Omega by using just one walkway per trip. 

I recall having a ball figuring this one out.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Email your answers at   Thanks for playing! Rick Archer

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