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The Dancing Couples Puzzle
Created by Susan Arevalo

(Note: Susan takes classes at SSQQ. I respect anyone who can solve a logic puzzle, but I am even more amazed at anyone who can make one up!  Nice work, Susan!)

Five couples went to a dance.  Each gentlemanís shirt matched the color of his lady's dress.  In five dances, each lady danced with each of the men once.  

Can you determine from the following clues who the couples were, what color clothes they wore and what order each of the ladies danced with the men?

  1. Susan danced with the five men in this order: the fellow in the blue shirt, John, Steve, the fellow in purple, and the fellow in orange.
  2. Michael danced with the five ladies in this order: Diane, the lady on green, the lady in red, Susan, and Julie.
  3. Mary danced with Michael while Tom was dancing with Beth.
  4. The guy with the red shirt danced with Julie, Diane and Beth sequentially, in that order.
  5. Fred danced with Mary last.
  6. The lady in red danced with Steve before Diane danced with the gentleman in blue.
  7. Tom danced with Julie first.
  8. All ladies danced with their own gentleman first.

This one isn't tough at all.

Email your answer for confirmation
to Rick Archer, dance@ssqq.com 

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