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As you know, SSQQ takes Halloween maybe a little too seriously. It is a little known fact that once a year the SSQQ Western instructors play a silly Trick or Treat game on each other one night shortly before our infamous Halloween Party. 

In other words, all of us go out of our way to play mean tricks on each other.  Such delightful fun!!

Last year was no exception, as three men (Rick, Ben, and Daryl) and four women (Sharon, Linda, Rachel, and Amanda) made sure they made someone's night miserable. Each instructor drew a name out of a hat as their person to terrorize for the evening so no one could escape without being victimized. 

The only problem was that afterwards the instructors were unable to figure out who did what to whom so they could 'pay them back' at a later date. For the fun of it, I gave the instructors some clues, but I was embarrassed to find that none of them could figure it out.  How sad!! Tsk Tsk. 

I have come to the obvious conclusion that when it comes to hands, feet, dancing, and the ability to BS, my staff is wonderful, but sadly it turns out that I am the only logical person on the entire staff. 

Can you give these poor pitiful logic-impaired Western Swing Dancer a hand??

Given the dance studio room chart below (showing the layout of rooms numbered 1 to 7) 
and the following clues, see if you can determine 

1. Each instructor’s room number, 
2. The prank he or she perpetrated, 
3. The name of their victim.

1. Linda, who had a higher room number than any of the men, returned from Break and promptly found out the hard way that someone had put a CD with a delayed Scream into her boom box during Break.

2. Daryl had merely to walk directly across the hall in order to secretly turn down the AC unit during Break so the room got too cold.

3. After he left his room and started down the hall, Rick passed two doors on his right before playing his trick on Rachel.

4. Sharon, after leaving her office and starting down the corridor, passed two doors on her left before arriving at the office of her victim (who was substituting an oompah German Polka CD for a Western Polka in the Room 2 boom box). 

5. The occupant of Room 5 returned from adding Tomato Juice to Ben's Mountain Dew behind his back, only to find out the 'hard way' one of the instructors had managed to slap a "Kick Me" name tag on their back. Ouch!

6. The horrified occupant of Room 6, victimized by the discovery of dead cockroaches snuck into a nearby Altoids can, turned around and irritated her own victim by slipping the wrong Ghost Town syllabus next to their music. The poor students never recovered.

This was a fun puzzle.  Challenging enough to exercise the brain, but not that hard.

Email your answers to   Thanks for playing! Rick Archer

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