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The Galleria

The Galleria is a two-story shopping area containing 20 stores, including a men's clothing store. The mall is designed so that there are five stores on the north side of the first floor numbered 101, 103, 105, 107, and 109 consecutively from east to west. Then there are five stores directly opposite on the south side numbered 100, 102, 104, 106, and 108 from east to west. The second floor layout is the same with stores numbered 201-209 on the north side and 200-208 on the south side. 

From the clues that follow, can you deduce the name of each store (one store is Rose) and what it retails in each mall space?

1. The five stores occupying the first floor on the north side are (not necessarily consecutive) Gray's, Niven's, Dailey's, the bakery shop, and the leather goods store.
2. the sporting goods store is directly above Forrest's.
3. The shoe store is directly above Ogden's cosmetics. 
4. Dailey's is next door to the music store. 
5. Baker's is in 204. 
6. Mitchell's Gift Shop is directly above Queen's, which is not the leather-goods store. 

7. Of the following eight stores, these pairs are as far apart as possible: 
     Jackson's and the florist, 
     Alden's and the ice-cream parlor, 
     Troop's and the pet store, 
     Holden's and the music store
(Rick's Hint: assume each store is on a corner and its opposite is on the other side across the mall, i.e. if one store is on the upper north, then the other is on the lower south)

8. Kelly's is next door to both Palmer's and Mitchell's Gift Shop.
9. Smith's is directly opposite the music store.
10. Troop's is not in 108. 
11. The toy store is in 106.
12. Jackson's is not on the first floor. 
13. Baker's is not the shoe store.
14. The florist shop is opposite the art store. 
15. The children's clothing store is directly above the women's clothing store.
16. Alden's in directly upstairs from Gray's.
17. Neither Niven's nor Dailey's is the florist shop.
18. The leather goods store is not 105.
19. The jewelry shop is next door to both Cramer's and the cheese shop.
20. Egan's, which is not the toy store, is next door to Long's. 
21. The furniture store, which is not Holden's, is directly opposite the restaurant. 
22. Inman's is not the cheese shop.
23. The stationary store is not Jackson's. 

This is a very tough puzzle.  But I will say I enjoyed solving it. The puzzle played fair.  You just have to concentrate.

Email your answers at  
Thanks for playing! Rick Archer

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