Telephone Calls
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The Telephone Calls 

Jeff has six children, four of whom are away at college.

On Jeff's last phone bill there were four long-distance calls listed. It was obvious his four college-age children - Fred, Diane, Peter, and Jane - had each called him once because the area codes for each call were different.

His children were very bright and each had won a scholarship. Three went to an Ivy League school - Princeton, Yale, and Harvard - while the fourth went to Stanford across the country. Jeff could not remember which phone number belonged to which child, but he did recollect certain facts about each call. 

Jeff decided to use some logic. 


  1. No two calls cost the same. 

  2. No two calls took the same amount of time.

  3. Diane's call was twice as long as the Junior's call. 

  4. Fred is not the Sophomore. 

  5. The Senior's call cost twice as much as the one made by Peter, who did not make the longest call. 

  6. The Princeton student's call was twice as long as the Freshman's. 

  7. The shortest call also cost the least. 

  8. The Yale student's call cost twice as much as the longest call, which was made by the Stanford student.

  9. Jane's call cost $3.00. 

  10. The Senior does not attend Stanford. 

  11. The total cost of the four calls was $10.50. 

  12. None of the calls cost less than $1.00. 

  13. Peter doesn't attend Yale. 

  14. The four calls totaled 54 minutes in length. 

  15. The lowest rate for any of the calls was 10 cents per minute. 


Can you deduce the school each student attends?


His or her year in school?


The length of each call made?


How much each call cost?

This puzzle is fairly easy.  Email Your Answers to Rick Archer at    Good luck!!

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