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Gossip: I've Got a Secret!!

There is a saying that Gossip is the most powerful force in the Universe second to Gravity. And some say Gossip travels at the speed of Light!

Miss Fox is the only single dance teacher left on the Staff at the QQSS Creatures Meet Dance Studio. 

One evening Miss Fox arrived at the QQSS Dance Studio with an exciting secret – she was engaged to a gentleman she had met in one of her dance classes!!  Shortly before she began her private lesson at 6 pm she shared her secret with her two closest friends on the staff - Ben and the Night Club teacher. 

They just happened to be at the studio early that evening for lessons of their own. Now three people were in on the “Secret”.

When her private lesson was over at 6:45 pm, Miss Fox told her student she would be back later for Practice Night at 9 pm if he wanted to get in some extra well-needed dance practice. Then she left the building to meet her fiancé for dinner. 

Unbeknownst to Miss Fox, as the other QQSS teachers began to stroll in for their 7 pm classes, Ben and the Night Club teacher turned around and each whispered the Secret to two other instructors. Now 7 people were in on the Secret!! 

Then during Break, each of the four instructors who had heard “The Secret” shortly before classes started at 7 pm turned around and whispered the secret to yet two more instructors.

With that, the entire teaching staff for the evening – 14 fellow teachers (who it turns out were all married to one another) – was in on the good news about Miss Fox. 

This meant that now 15 different people at QQSS were in on the Secret.

Figuring it was common knowledge at this point, during the second hour of dance class, the 14 Instructors told all their students. Now EVERYBODY was in on the secret.

When Miss Fox returned for Practice Night at 9 pm with her fiancé at her side, she was astonished to discover the Whole World knew of her once closely guarded secret. As they say, the Cat was definitely out of the Bag!!

Incredulous, her fiancé turned to Miss Fox and said, “I thought you had said at dinner you had only told 2 people?”   Miss Fox was too shocked to even reply.

Isn’t it amazing how fast word gets around? 

From the following clues, can you determine the full names of each of the 15 teachers, the subject taught by each teacher, and who told whom of Miss Fox’s engagement?


  1. Each person who shared the secret told one man and one woman, though no one told his or her spouse directly nor another member of his or her own Department.
  2. Although no Department is all male or all female, it turns out that no one is in the same Department as his or her spouse.
  3. MG, who heard the secret from a woman, told Mr. Deer and the Tango teacher.
  4. Ann and one of the Romance Department teachers heard the secret from the same person.
  5. The Twostep teacher, who heard the secret from Linda, told Brian and the Merengue teacher.
  6. Martin, Mr. Penguin, and Tracy are all members of the same Department.
  7. Daryl teaches Western Swing.
  8. Rick’s wife told Mr. Bear.
  9. Amanda, who heard the secret from a man, told Mrs. Cat and the Waltz teacher.
  10. Ann’s husband teaches Foxtrot.
  11. Mrs. Deer teaches Slow Dance.
  12. Sharon told Mrs. Raccoon.
  13. Rick is the only man in the Swing Department.
  14. Anita is the youngest of the 15 teachers.
  15. Mr. Rabbit teaches Salsa.
  16. The Polka teacher’s husband teaches Cha Cha.
  17. Mr. Alligator, who heard the secret from one of the Latin teachers, told Mrs. Bear and the Whip teacher.
  18. Maureen teaches Lindy.
  19. Jack and Rachel are married.
  20. There are five Dance Departments at QQSS with three subjects each:

Swing: Lindy, Jitterbug, Whip.
Ballroom:  Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot.
Western: Polka, Western Swing, Twostep.
Latin: Salsa, Cha Cha, Merengue.
Romance: Rumba, Slow Dance, Night Club.


The Gossip Logic Puzzle is particularly difficult.  I am not ashamed to admit it took me a couple hours plus. Although I am no Mensa candidate, I ain't that stoopid either.  It was a tricky puzzle!

If you don't mind a word of caution, for some reason I found this puzzle lends itself to making conclusions that seem likely, but don't turn out correctly. This results in a lot of backtracking. I had to start over a couple times because I was moving too fast. Take your time.

Send your answers to Rick Archer, dance@ssqq.com   Good luck!

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