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The Office Building Layout

Frank Goo, President of the Ooey Gooey Candy Company, looked at the papers scattered over his desk and swore under his breath. When this proved ineffective, he swore even more.

"Look at the time wasted by those nincompoops who work for me!!" he hollered. "I told these guys I wanted a building layout.  Instead all they ever do is send stupid memos back and forth when they should be working!"

Then with a violent impulsive sweep of his hand, he sent all the notes and memos flying in the general direction of the wastebasket.

Had Mr. Goo been in a less aggravated mood, he might have noticed that clues contained within each memo just happened to describe the office layout he had requested.  Can you match each of the 13 rooms in Goo's candy company with its position on the floor map shown?


Alphabetical List of Rooms:

Assistant to the President's Office
Bookkeeping Department
Conference Room
Display Room
Equipment Room
File Room
Men's Room
President's Office
Sales Manager's Office
Vice President's Office
Women's Room

Memo One:
From: The Vice President
To: All Employees

Good news! That dull old equipment room is being repainted in exciting new colors. Employees using any of the three connecting rooms should keep the connecting doors closed to prevent fumes from spreading.

Memo Two:
From: The Vice President
To: All Employees

The reason the conference room and the woman's room are so hot in the mornings is due to their eastern exposure. The air conditioning repairman assures me that he can solve the problem. Please be patient.

Memo Three:
From: The President
To: Assistant to the President

No, you incompetent overgrown moron, we are not going to raise all the doorways in the building just because you are so tall you are forced to duck your head each time you walk around the building. Why not sit at your desk and do some work for a change!? Since you are so interested in doors, here's a project: make sure the door between the kitchen and the Lounge gets some oil. I am sick of hearing it squeak all the time.

Memo Four:
From: Bookkeeping
To: The President

The wall safe in the bookkeeping department should be installed between the two doors in the paneled wall. Since we will need to buy a picture to camouflage it, we took a vote and agreed to buy one with dogs playing poker.

Memo Five:
From: Assistant to the President
To: The President

Okay, then, if you don't want to raise the doorways to make it more comfortable place for me to work, then here's an even better idea. We should put in some new doors! For example, put one between my office and the display room. As it is, I have to walk through at least two other rooms to get there from my office. This will save me a lot of time. Plus since it is a new door, we can make it higher!!

Memo Six:
From: The President
To: All Employees

I have had several complaints about the use of the men's room as a route between the offices of the sales manager and the vice president.

A recent incident involving 15 visiting salespersons, six of whom were female, so upset the employee using the facility at the time that he had to lie down the rest of the afternoon. Don't you people understand privacy??

What makes this more ridiculous is the men's room is not the only room that connects both offices. There is a perfectly good alternate route through the bookkeeping department that would avoid any such embarrassment in the future.

Memo Seven:
From: The President
To: Assistant to the President

For the convenience of our female visitors, please put a sign in the Lounge explaining which way to the women's room and which room they will have to pass through to get there.

You still haven't gotten the squeaky door fixed. And it won't hurt you to walk through two rooms to get to the display room. I have never even seen you in there.  And I still don't have that building layout I requested.  Why did I ever let your mother talk me into giving you a job?

Memo Eight
From: Filing Department
To: All Employees

Extra light bulbs are kept in the File Room in the bottom right-hand desk drawer. Since this room has no windows, please keep one of the desk lamps on at all times.

Memo Nine:
From: The President
To: The Sales Manager

No, you can not have a refrigerator by your desk. If you have to walk through two other rooms just to get to the kitchen from your office, it won't kill you. And quit walking through the men's room to get to the VP's office just because it is a shorter route by a couple of feet at best.

Memo Ten:
From: Assistant to the President
To: The President

It isn't my fault that this building was designed for midgets. Obviously the architect didn't play basketball like I did.

And I would visit the display room more frequently if it wasn't so far out of my way. Plus adding this door would make it easier to get to my office in the morning. As it is I currently have to pass through FOUR rooms just to get to my office!

Adding a few doors would make this job a whole lot easier for me.


Rick's Hint:  Print the large picture of the office layout plus do a "Logic Table".  Pay extremely close attention to the how many doors there are to each office.

Email your answers to Rick Archer    Good luck!

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