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Cruise Trip
Logic Puzzle

Contributed by Susan Arevalo

Last summer six different SSQQ dance instructors went on a cruise to six different places including Alaska, Hawaii, Jamaica, New Orleans, Cozumel, and Cancun.

Each person, including Adams, took a different relative with him or her. 

From the clues below, can you discover each personís full name, which place they visited, and which relative they took with them?

1. The Davis person and the relative whom Sharon took aren't the same sex.
2. Rick didn't take his sister.
3. The Smith man took a male relative
4. The person who took an aunt and the person who went to the Jamaica are of the same sex
5. Rachel (who isn't Garcia) took either her brother or her mother.
6. Linda and the Jones person are, in some order, the person who took an uncle and the person who went to a place beginning with an C.
7. The person who Daryl took isn't of the same sex as the person who went to Cozumel.
8. The six people are: Linda, the Davis person, the Garcia person, the person who took an aunt, the person who took a sister, and the person who went to Hawaii.
9. The person who went to Cancun didn't take his or her mother or father.
10. The person who went to New Orleans is either Brown or Jones.
11. Ben, who didn't take his father, didn't go to Jamaica.

This one is fairly easy. Send your answers to Rick Archer,   Good luck!

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