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The Squirrel Family Tree

The four siblings of the Squirrel family - two brothers and two sisters - plus their four spouses got together one evening to celebrate one couple's anniversary.

The three couples that were not having anniversaries each brought a different gift for the honored couple (one gift was theater tickets).

From the following clues can you find the full names of all four couples (one husband is Skip, and the other two surnames are Mink and Munk), identify the name of the anniversary couple, as well as determine which gift each of the other 3 couples brought?

1. Jean and her husband brought a gift, but it wasn't champagne.

2. Joan's sister is married to Rocky's wife's brother, who is not Chip.

3. Rocky's surname is not Munk, and his wife is not Jean.

4. Two couples that brought gifts were Jill and her husband, and Dale and his wife; their gifts, not necessarily respectively, were a bottle of champagne and a basket of fruit.

5. Jean's only brother-in-law and his wife, Jane, were not celebrating their anniversary.

This is a very short puzzle, but it is unbelievably tricky.

Send your answers to Rick Archer,  
Good luck!

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