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Casey Casanova

Casey Casanova is a man who developed a very busy social diary here at SSQQ.  After becoming the master of several different dances, Casey discovered that he was able to use his charm and grace on the dance floor to become quite the lady’s man!

As he prepared for the February dance semester, Casey signed up for five different dance classes: Tango on Monday, Salsa on Tuesday, Swing on Thursday, Western on Friday, and the Slow Dance crash course on Saturday.

Casey Casanova had an extra special reason for taking so many classes – he expected to see a different girl on every night!  

Yes, it is scandalous but true.  Over the past couple months Casey had used his dance skills to maneuver into the position where he was flirting with five different girls on five different nights here at the studio. 

Unfortunately for the young ladies, none of them were aware of the existence of the other four.  Such a naughty boy!

Casey would have been mortified if someone discovered his dalliances. Although at the time each romance was still more or less at the handholding, smooching level, each romance was definitely beginning to heat up.

To this point Casey preferred to keep his affairs secret till he was sure where his heart was leading him. But he began to enjoy his exceptional popularity perhaps more than was good for him.  When things were platonic and pure, his style was no worse than roguish.  Now it appeared he was on the threshold of crossing the lines of social decorum. 

However Life has a way of reeling the Romeos in. Common sense dictates that when you date five girls at the same place in the same week, the odds of getting caught are pretty good. Sooner or later Casey’s Karma will catch up with him.  Casey had best make his mind up soon or else he will find out the hard way he is flirting with disaster!! 

Sure enough, during the first week of the new February dance semester, Casey narrowly escaped getting spotted by one woman with another woman five classes in a row!  By coincidence each of the girls Casey had been seeing decided to try a new type of dancing on a different night.

Or was it coincidence?  Call it a "woman's intuition" if you wish.  Maybe they were starting to catch on to him!

Each night Casey barely missed getting caught. For example, Casey would have his arms around one woman only to gasp in shock when he would spot one of the other four women showing up unexpectedly on the other side of the room.

However Casey didn’t get to be light on his feet by accident!  It was his luck that he always saw them before they could see him.  Plus Casey had reflexes any pro athlete would be proud of.  Just a flicker of an instant before the second woman could spot him, Casey would take evasive action and drag his bewildered companion along with him.

Now from the clues given below, can you work out the following details – which girl took which dance class with Casey and what were the five strange combinations, i.e. on each of the five nights which girl was he with and which girl almost caught him?  In addition please list which evasion maneuver Casey used to avoid which girl.

  1. Casey had no contact whatever with Melissa on Monday.
  1. Terry was astonished to be suddenly swept out of Room One by Casey through one door a split second after he noticed another girl entering through the other door; this happened one night before he caught sight of Alicia during Practice Night.
  1. Casey was with Virginia one night. Then the next night as he entered the building with another woman Casey was horrified to discover Virginia waiting in line to sign up at the Registration Desk.
  1. It was not while he was walking with Alicia that Casey made the swift about-face, whirling his surprised partner 180 degrees around for a quick U-Turn.
  1. Casey’s sudden decision to suddenly change to a different class level in another room was made to avoid Melissa seeing him escorting another girl (who was not Alicia) into his regular class.
  1. Patricia was with Casey when he had to take evasive action to prevent her from being sighted by Terry.
  1. It was on Thursday that Casey pulled his companion into the studio office for a quick smooch to avoid being seen by another girl.
  2. On another night Casey developed a sudden coughing attack as an excuse to leave early after spotting another girlfriend at the studio.

About the Puzzle:
This one is a toughie. It is very easy to get mixed up with who Casey is seeing and who Casey is trying to avoid. However the Puzzle is fair and rewards anyone who avoids jumping to conclusions too quickly.

Send your answers to Rick Archer at

Thanks for playing! 

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