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Island Hopping in Alaska!

One day during the SSQQ Alaska Cruise, a group of intrepid adventurers decided to take a visit to the Aleutian Islands. This wasn't a "ship-sponsored" tour but rather one that Mara had investigated ahead of time on the Internet and talked her friends into joining. 

Mara had read there was a
ferry that took off from Unimak Island at the very tip off the Alaskan Peninsula. Each day the ferry was scheduled to visit six different islands that day including Attu, Atka, Adak, Amchita, Tanaga, and Kiska.  So the group rented a car at Ketchikan, Alaska and drove down to Unimak, Island. 

However once they got on board the ferry, the Group - which included George (Mr. Handsome), Steve (The Great Gabino), Gary (Da Jammer), Mara, Veronique (Very Unique), and Phyllis (Center of Attention) realized they had misunderstood how the trip worked. They would only be able to visit one island all day long!

The Aleutian Islands have a very interesting history, especially back in WW II when several of the islands were actually occupied by the Japanese. And there were different volcanoes to see, polar bears, whales, seals, kayaking trips, and glaciers too.

The Group was so disappointed once they realized their mistake. Mara was embarrassed that she had misunderstood how the ferry trip worked.  Now they would be limited to seeing just one of the six islands on the trip.

That is when the Great Gabino had a great Gabino idea!  Why not have a different person get off at each port, tour the island, take pictures, and give a report on their island later that night during dinner!  Such a clever boy!

The group immediately agreed this was a very good plan!


The map shows the route taken by the ferry from Unimak Island.

From the clues given below, can you name:

bulletEach of the 6 islands in the order they were visited,
bulletAlong with the name of its main port,
bulletPlus the name of the passenger who left the ferry at each
of these stopping points?

1. When the ferry reached Massacre Bay on the island of Attu, Mr. Handsome had already departed. Mara left the ferry at the next port.

2. The first stop on the circular route is the harbor at Korovin Bay.

3. It was not the Great Gabino who disembarked at Island 2; the next port reached after his departure was Vega Bay.

4. Very Unique's ticket was for the island of Adak, which is later in the circuit than the island of Atka.

5. Island 3 on the map is Tanaga

6. One of the female passengers left the ferry at the island of Kiska.

7. Da Jammer was the last of the six passengers to reach his destination.

8. The harbor where the Center of Attention left the ferry was Cape Sasmik, which is a later stop in the journey than Beyer Bay.

9. Amchita Island was one of the six stops and East Cape was one of the ports.


About the Puzzle:

This one is pretty tough.  Sorry, no hints.  Good luck!

Send your answers to Rick Archer at

Thanks for playing! 

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