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The Cowboys-Texans Football Game Logic Puzzle
Puzzle contributed by Ann Faget

One Sunday, Rick had to teach his Sunday Western Swing dance class at 4:30 pm. Unfortunately this meant he had to miss watching the Texans – Cowboy football game on TV.   Since the Texans had not been playing very well, Rick figured he was probably just sparing himself further agony.

That evening Rick saw Ann show up for her 7 pm Sunday Ballroom dance class.  Unable to contain his curiosity, he asked Ann if she knew who had won the football game.

Ann smiled. “You really missed a good game, Rick!  The fans were on the edge of their seats!”

“Is that so?” Rick replied. “So who won?”

“There was scoring by both teams in every quarter,” Ann replied.  “The game was very exciting!

“That doesn’t answer my question. Who won?”   Rick was growing impatient.  He sensed he had missed a good one.

“Well, it was kind of odd. There was plenty of scoring, but there weren’t any touchdowns.  All the points came on three point field goals and two point safeties.  I’ve never seen so many safeties and field goals in my life!”

“That sounds pretty unusual,” Rick agreed. “But who won?”

The scoring was spread out.  Both teams scored in every quarter. However, not once did any point total match another quarter.  In other words, eight different totals of points were reached in the Texans’ four quarters and the Cowboys’ four quarters combined.”

Ann continued on with her description of the game. “Neither team scored in double digits in any quarter. The poor Texans got off to a terrible start.  They only managed to get half as many points in their first quarter as the Cowboys got in the third quarter.”

“I have never heard scoring in a football game described quite that way. You obviously see things a bit different than your average football fan,” Rick replied.  “But you still haven’t answered my question.  Who won?”

Ann didn’t seem to hear Rick. She continued as if he hadn’t said a word. “But you got to give the Texans some credit.  Despite their lousy first quarter, they bounced back.  They scored twice as many points in their second quarter as the Cowboys scored in the fourth quarter. It was definitely nip and tuck.”

“You know, I think you are just trying to irritate me.”

“I forgot to mention the Cowboys got off to a very good start. They scored as many points in their first quarter as the Texans got in their first and third quarters combined.”

“Great, Ann, this is just fascinating.  But who won the game?”

“Well, the Texans won!”

“Thank goodness.  I hate to lose to the Cowboys.  So what was the final score?”

“Well, Rick, I’m not going to tell you that. However, since you are such a smart boy, I bet you can figure out the final score and how many points each team scored in each quarter!” 

Rick was pretty skeptical. But after he thought about it, he realized Ann was right (as usual).

How about the rest of you?   Can you come up with the final score plus the points scored by each team in each quarter?

So What does Rick have to say about the Puzzle?

This puzzle was somewhat difficult. It's basically a math puzzle. All you have to do is keep your thinking cap on.

I would rate the difficulty as "medium".  I would also list it as "fun".  It was a clever puzzle.

You should definitely give it a try!  Good luck! 

Send your answers to Rick Archer at     

By the way, since Ann sent the puzzle to me, I had to figure it out just like everyone else and ask her if I got it right. Therefore I get to be one of the winners this month! 
Woo Hoo!


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