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The Zodiac Logic Puzzle

Six married couples (one of whom was named Andrews) were spending the weekend together at the Lake Osceola Nudist Colony in Florida. During a pleasant dip in the hot tub, Ted and Alice, both firm believers in astrology, started up a pleasant conversation about how the planets affect our lives.

As other people in their group entered the hot tub, the newcomers quickly joined the conversation. Soon they were all amazed to discover that the 12 members of their group were each born under DIFFERENT signs of the Zodiac. Not one person out of twelve shared the same zodiac sign!  As a further coincidence, they realized the three "spring signs" were married to the three "winter signs", as were the "summer signs" to the "autumn signs" - a rare coincidence indeed!

Using the astrological chart to help you with the clues below, can you determine who is married to whom, their last names, and the astrological sign of each individual?


1. Jeff was born May 7th, while Miranda was born in March.

2. Ralph and Polly were both born in September.

3. On Saturday while their husbands were fishing, three of the women - Betty, Mrs. Bush, and the Capricorn - played cards in the air-conditioned comfort of the clubhouse. Meanwhile Mrs. Dash and the Scorpio lady spent the day on the beach, while the sixth woman, a nature lover, went on a bird-watching walk in the nearby woods.

4. The six husbands caught plenty of fish for the evening's cookout. Mr. Cutler caught 12 fish, Mr. Bush caught 10, Frank and Ralph got 8 apiece, and Bob Engel managed to catch 6. The Piscean, contrary to his sign of the Fish, caught only 4 (or maybe he was simply too sympathetic to the fellow fish to try very hard).

5. When it came time for each man to broil his own entire catch, the Aquarian's husband and the Libran's husband proved to be the best cooks. Of the four others, Sally's husband cooked two more fish than Sara's husband, while Sam cooked six fewer than the Moon Child's husband.

6. While the men were cooking, Sally and Mrs. Frier occupied themselves applying soothing lotion to the painful sunburns of beachcombers Sara and Miranda. It is so difficult to get every part of the body covered properly at a nudist colony!


So What does Rick have to say about the Puzzle?

This puzzle was tricky, but not terribly difficult. I wasn't paying very good attention the first time around and made a mistake, but it was early enough in the puzzle to allow me to retrace my steps and not have to start over.  So you do have to keep your thinking cap on.

I would rate the difficulty as "medium".  I would also list it as "fun".  It was a clever puzzle.

You should definitely give it a try!

Send your answers to Rick Archer at dance@ssqq.com      Good luck! 

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