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Logic Puzzle: Cats and Dogs!!

As a community fundraiser, one Saturday afternoon the neighborhood decided to throw a “King and Queen for a Day” pet contest at a local church.  During the Black and White Cat and Dog Show, out of a couple hundred dogs and cats, 12 pets were crowned “Best in Show” in the following 12 categories:

  1. Black male cat
  2. Black male dog
  3. Black female cat
  4. Black female dog
  5. White male cat
  6. White male dog
  7. White female cat
  8. White female dog
  9. Black and White spotted male cat
  10. Black and White spotted male dog
  11. Black and White spotted female cat
  12. Black and White spotted female dog

Following the “King and Queen for a Day” theme, each victorious animal was crowned “Royalty for a Day” and given a special aristocratic name emblazoned on a scarf that wrapped around their torso. 

The animals seemed to appreciate their elevated status during the Parade of the Champions at the end of the day.  (And of course the pet owners didn’t seem to mind the fuss either as they strutted down the path of glory to the applause of their neighbors.)

The twelve winners were six males and six females with names accurately reflecting their gender: Baron, Baroness, Count, Countess, Duke, Duchess, Emperor, Empress, Prince, Princess, and, of course, King and Queen.

As it happens, there were six male owners and six female owners of the aristocratic pets. 

The six men’s first names were: Bob, Dane, Rex, Tab, Tom, and Wolf

The six women’s first names were: Cathy, Chita, Kate, Kathy, Kit and Kitty.

The last names of the twelve pet owners were as follows: Barker, Chow, Dogg, Felix, Fox, Katz, Lynx, Lyon, Manx, Mews, Setter, and Wolfe.

From the following clues, can you find each owner’s full name plus the name and type of animal (cat or dog) of his or her pet?

(The male owners can have pets of either sex as can the female owners.)

  1. Chita, Ms. Setter, Tom, and Wolf own the black pets.
  2. Bob, Cathy, Kitty, and Mr. Dogg own the white pets.
  3. Ms. Felix, Kate, Rex, and Tab own the spotted pets.
  4. Only one owner, whose pet is Empress, has a first and last name beginning with the same letter.
  5. Kate is not Lynx and Kathy is not Setter. Both Kate and Kathy own cats.
  6. Kate, Katz, and Kit do not own King, but King's owner does have either a first or last name that begins with the same letter as his or her pet's name.
  7. Chow is not Tom; Bob is not Lyon.
  8. Rex has the same kind and gender pet as Kitty.
  9. Kate, Kitty, and Tab have last names that end with identical letters.
  10. Mr. Manx owns a male animal.
  11. Only Rex and Ms. Wolfe have last names that end with the same letter as the first or last letter of their pets' names.
  12. Count is a cat; Cathy owns a cat, but Chita doesn't.
  13. Duke is a dog, but Duchess isn't; both animals are spotted.
  14. Either Tab or Tom owns Duke; the other has a cat.
  15. Baron, Baroness, and Prince are white.
  16. Princess and Queen are black.
  17. Both Baron's and Count's owners have last names beginning with the same letters as their pets' names.

So What does Rick have to say about the Puzzle?

This puzzle is very difficult.  I did not completely solve it.  I got most of it right, but met my demise at the end.  It turned out there was a clue that I missed that would have solved the final barrier.  Perhaps you will do better - the necessary information is there; I just didn't see it.  Good luck! 

Email your answers to Rick Archer   
I will list each winner in our next Newsletter.

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