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Logic Puzzle: High School Reunion

Crystal High School is the only high school in Greenville, Tennessee.

On the eve of the recent tenth reunion of a Crystal High School class to be held on the school premises, the Fentons hosted a patio party for four other couples who were also attending the event, including the Browns.

To their surprise, the Fentons learned each person who came to the party had the same occupation as someone else.

In addition each also shared a hobby with someone else, although no husband and wife shared either occupation or hobby.

From the clues below, can you find each person's full name (one man is Ben and one woman is Darla) and determine their occupations and hobbies? (Among the group are two dentists, two amateur chefs, and two amateur golfers.)

1. During his days at Crystal High, the school bridge club champion once dated the woman whose married surname is Fenton, but after finishing college, he married an attorney. One of his classmates (who is now a teacher) dated the other three women during high school: Cherie, a woman who became an artist, and a bridge player.

2. Two of the couples - the teacher and her husband plus Ralph and his wife - stayed with the Handels while visiting Greenville for the Reunion.

3. Oliver, who is not a lawyer, has often exchanged recipes with the wife of the physician, who is not Emma; both Oliver and the physician's wife are Greenville residents.

4. Beth, who has never lived in Greenville, has the same occupation as Mr. Jones.

5. Martin, who married a jogger, is not the male tennis player.

6. The woman named Jones and Lex, who are both Greenville residents, share both hobby and occupation. Consequently they see each other frequently.

7. The man named Colter, who is not a Crystal High alumnus and did not attend college, met both Anita - with whom he has something in common - and the woman named Handel for the first time on this occasion.

8. Neither artist attended college.


So What does Rick have to say about the Puzzle?

At first, this puzzle was so difficult, I could not solve it. After seven tries, I decided I had given it my best shot.  So I threw in the towel and took a look at the answers. 

Fortunately this particular puzzle was taken from a book that explains the reasons behind the clues.  It walks you through the solution. 

I immediately saw the problem - one of the clues was so poorly written that I never had a chance.  Sometimes Logic Puzzle creators know what they mean when they write the clues, but there is great ambiguity.  Now that I understood the clue correctly, I solved the puzzle with no further problems. 

For your sake, I rewrote the clue.  It is still a tough puzzle, but you should be able to handle it.

Email your answers to Rick Archer dance@ssqq.com   
I will list each winner in our next Newsletter.

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