Battle of the Sexes
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Well, for starters, let me just tell you how it is. As the organizer of the SSQQ Joke Contest, I receive 50 jokes a week.  Basically Everybody gets picked on in these jokes. Every segment of our world is fair game for jokes.

However I have noticed that the jokes women send me about men are more frequent and far more wicked than the jokes men send me about women.

In a nutshell, Women Bash Men with far more regularity and in a superior way. Perhaps this is due to the fact that women are wittier than men. Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps women goof off at work more than men and have more time to waste on such frivolous endeavors. Maybe, maybe not.

The Women will have the first shot in the SSQQ Verbal Battle of the Sexes. Then I will give the guys a chance to fight back. En Garde!!

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