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Written by Rick Archer, December 2000

As we begin the new Millennium, in some ways, things haven’t really changed that much. There is still Danger out there and it is still a smart idea to have talented friends. Plus it turns out that most of us deep down are indeed social creatures. We enjoy having good company!

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In case you've been spending too much time in the jungle lately and didn't already know, Dancing has always been one of history's most effective ways to meet people and make friends.

Folklore is full of stories about the importance of dance in one culture after another. Society today certainly is no different.

Whether it's a community dance, a high school prom, a college mixer, or just hanging out at a local dance hall, a dance club today is a modern equivalent of yesterday's water hole.

Not only is dancing an invaluable way to make contact, dancing can be satisfying in many other ways as well.

For one thing, social dancing can be challenging and fun to learn. Although learning to dance is not always easy, for the most part students enjoy trying to master flashy, intricate dance routines in class. Then later at Practice Night it is very satisfying to finally conquer a pattern learned in class and show off your brilliance to the world out on the dance floor. Also one of life's great pleasures is the ability to dance to music you also love to listen to.

But let's face it, the major attraction of the social dancing you learn at SSQQ is in its ability to let you have fun dancing with attractive partners. After all, that is why it is called “Social Dancing” for goodness sake.

Social dancing has always been a premier skill for bringing people together. Whether married or single, dancing at social functions gives people something to do together that's fun, it's an ice-breaker, and it gets people smiling, laughing, and moving! 

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The music, the rhythm, the social contact, and the concentration relaxes people. Dancing is a great hobby. You get to see your friends and meet new ones, you get to show off, plus the joy of  leading someone through a difficult move or following it (especially if you barely know the person!) gives you a real sense of accomplishment.  In addition watching other people have fun dancing makes you smile and laugh. Everyone should know how good dancing is for the spirit.

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With these facts well in mind, from the curious beginnings of our studio in 1977 all the way to today, SSQQ has served as a perfect meeting place for literally thousands of people. I would imagine we have 12,000 people a year walk through the place.

Now multiply 12,000 times 20+ years and suddenly it becomes no surprise that anyone in Houston who has ever  shown even the slightest interest in dancing has probably been through here at one time or another.

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