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The Place Where
the Creatures Meet !!

Rick Archer, SSQQ, 2000

Way back in the old days of the jungle, the in-place to be was the local water hole. You remember those days, shortly before the Beatles perhaps, back when animals had better things to do than worry about Y2K and computer viruses. I think the catch-phrase those days  was "Survival of the Fittest".

creatures 15.gif (29839 bytes)

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With Danger every where, the smart animals concluded it was a good idea to make some friends. What better spot to check things out than to meet at the local water hole?

Eventually the animals were joined by the birds and the bees, the monkeys invented gossip, and the Aggies invented jokes. Then the bears learned how to dance and the next thing you know the formative roots of modern civilization had been set in motion. The rest is history.

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