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The Orgy Pit !

The Orgy Pit was an idea I had that turned out to be far more successful (disastrous) than I had ever visualized. SSQQ Students by are large are an extremely disciplined group. If anything, sometimes I have to encourage them to liven things up a little. For example, have you ever noticed no one seems to have a drinking problem ?  And did you know we have (knock on wood) never had a fight ? 

SSQQ attracts decent, hard-working, salt-of-the-earth, pillars (not Roman)-of-the-community sorts who just seem to behave without needing much guidance. They are just naturally nice.

Back in 1989, there was a side room off the main dance floor. After we remodeled in 1995, the side room became today's Room 2, the room where the TV Set is located. Back in 1989 this area was actually a separate room that had to be entered through doors. In other words, there was a lot of privacy.

I brought in the frame from an old waterbed and told people to bring pillows which many people did. I figured an Orgy Pit would be a silly addition to the party and everyone would take it for the joke that it was. I never counted on Mimi coming along.

While most people headed straight for the dance floor, Paul Gillette and his girlfriend Jean Butler headed for the orgy pit. I do not believe they danced once. Paul and Jean found the head board of the water bed and set up court.

Periodically Paul would get up and go get another bottle of wine. Now typically most people go to the drink room to fill their glass. Not Paul. He brought the entire bottle back to the room. Hmm.

toga 89 07.jpg (9807 bytes)

Paul and Jean were soon joined by Peter Shores and Andre Faust. Now Peter and Andre knew each other from dance class and were friends, but I don't think they came together. Nevertheless they found each other at the party and were the second couple in the orgy pit.

Paul, Jean, Peter, and Andre were soon joined by Paul's friend Mark Olson, better known as Oley (O-lee). Oley had met a beautiful young lady on the dance floor named Mimi and invited her back to the Orgy Pit. You can see our four culprits in the picture above. Oley doesn't have a glass. He has a Mug. That should tell you something.

toga 89 06.jpg (10314 bytes)

Now Mimi was very attractive. Oley figured candy was dandy, but liquor was quicker, so he proceeded to aim mass quantities of wine in her direction. Peter was in a similar frame of mind and plied Andre with an unending supply of vino. Paul and Jean were already there. Pretty soon all six were several Toga sheets to the wind.

In addition, our Intoxicated Six were joined by an odd young man named Scott. If you look carefully, Scott is in the picture too. Notice those two blue legs sticking up in the air ?  That is Scott in a horizontal position. Peter and Andre are also in this picture, but all you can see are Peter and Andre's legs pointed at Oley. They are horizontal too.

I do not know how to say this delicately, but Scott, bless his heart, was different. If he said anything at all, it was perhaps three or four words every month or so. He tried dance lessons, but never grasped the material enough to be able to use it. He tried private lessons, but still never got the hang of it. He eventually gave up all lessons because he just couldn't catch on.

However Scott still came to our parties once in a while. He never danced. He never said anything to anyone. He never misbehaved that I know of. He was just THERE. Scott existed in our presence. To be honest, I felt sorry for the man, but knew of no way to reach him. I had tried to teach him to dance in group and private lessons, but it is hard when the person has no verbal skills to speak of. Scott did not really participate in anything we did, but since he caused no problems, I did not have the heart to object to his presence.

Scott drifted to the Orgy Pit early in the evening. He found a couple pillows, made himself comfortable in the corner, and just sat there and watched. For two hours, he didn't say anything, he never changed expressions, and just watched. And watched. And watched. He was a silent witness. One of the lubricated six said it was creepy having him in there, but since he didn't do anything objectionable, there was no reason to say anything to him.  Scott became an SSQQ version of Waldo. Can you find him in each picture ?

Once the seven people were immersed in the Orgy Pit, they never moved again. Paul discovered if he asked other people to fetch wine bottles for the group he wouldn't have to move. As if he still could.

While the other 70 people danced, Paul, Jean, Peter, Andre, Oley, and Mimi proceeded to drink themselves silly. Notice Andre is starting to relax a little. In a word, these nutty characters got Looped.

toga 89 08.jpg (9614 bytes)

I had been spending most of my time taking pictures and playing music. Back in those days I was both the DJ and the Photographer. About an hour into the party, I noticed something was wrong. There was hardly a soul any more on the dance floor !!!  My party was disappearing before my eyes! Most of the non-toga people had left and there were only maybe five couples left out on the floor.

toga 89 10.jpg (9093 bytes)

I asked Sharon Crawford what the hell was going on. She said most of the people were in the Orgy Pit. She said there was a rumor that some of the men had taken off the women's panty hose and put it on themselves. Alarmed, I went to see for myself.

Yes, it was all true. Nearly the entire party had drifted to the Orgy Pit to check out the rumors of the men wearing panty hose. Except it wasn't a rumor.

When I got there, Peter and Paul indeed had panty hose on, except they weren't Saints. Nor was Oley. If it wasn't for the waterbed frame, they couldn't possibly have even been sitting up.

Doesn't everyone look friendly ?

toga 89 12.jpg (27029 bytes)

Well, everyone else may have beeny happy, but personally, I was appalled. I had never seen drinking like this at one of my parties before. I didn't know what else to do, so I threw in the towel. It was obvious no one was interested any longer in dancing. I decided that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. I had some wine.

That's me over in the right corner grinning and waving. I probably had too much wine myself. I was younger once though no one believes me.

By the way, can you find Waldo ?  He's in there buried under the masses. I believe that is Ben who is sitting on him. Ben was younger once too. Notice Mark's girlfriend Melissa looking worriedly over her shoulder at him. No, not at Ben, at Waldo.

toga 89 11.jpg (20030 bytes)


And that's the true story of the first SSQQ Night of Decadence. Oh goodness, I aged that night. Having all those drunks laying around and wondering how they would ever get home safely certainly sobered me up. 

It was the only dance party in SSQQ history where no one danced. 

It was the only SSQQ party in memory that ever turned into a drunken Orgy.

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