Toga Party 1989
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The Infamous SSQQ Toga Party of 1989 -
The Party that was truly "The Pits"

It has been over ten years since the infamous SSQQ Toga Party of 1989. I am just now starting to recover. I figure once every Millennium is about right. 

The party started innocently enough. We had about 75 people in attendance with about 50 in toga and the rest with street clothes. Several people said they would have worn a toga if they knew how. This was a sad excuse. Essentially you put on a bathing suit, get an old sheet, and roll yourself up in the sheet like a mummy. Then you stick a couple safety pins where needed and you are all set.

Shortly after the party started something went wrong. In fact, something went terribly wrong. What resulted was the worst dance party in the history of the studio. If you dare, the whole sordid story will be revealed starting on the next page.

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Pictured above are
Jim Ponder and Judy Price.
Note Jim's blue Flip Flops matching his toga coverlet. Nice touch.

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