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Saturday, December 10, 6-10 pm

Rick and Marla Archer cordially invite the Hey Lollies Rookie Class of 2022-2023 to attend a festive Christmas Party at their house.. 

RSVP to Marla by email,  marla@ssqq.com

Party starts at 6 pm, Potluck Dinner at 6:30. 

For entertainment, after Dinner we will have a SERIOUS Christmas Carol Puzzle competition.  Please note the losing team will be required to sing 'Frosty the Snowman' while the winners gloat.

If people are up for more fun, guests can chose between a Christmas Charades competition or a Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle competition (or both).


December Gate Code number for those who arrive after 7 p.m. for the party is   #9782 

Don't forget the #sign in front of the numbers.




Rick Archer's Note: 

What is the goal of the Hey Lollies "Rookie Class" Christmas Party?  Answer: Friendship. 

Square Dancing is good, clean-cut fun that gives the members a common bond to build upon.  From what I have noticed, there is something special about Square Dancers.  They have one thing in common... they persist.  Since Square Dancing is fairly complicated, our training program is nine months long.  What kind of people have the patience to stick with something for nine months?  In addition to expecting mothers, people who are accustomed to being successful at whatever they put their mind to.  Persistence is what causes people to do their homework in high school when others are misbehaving.  Persistence is what gets people into college.  Persistence is what gets people ahead in their careers.  Persistence is the foundation for strong marriages.  The people you meet through Square Dancing are professionals, solid, quality individuals, the kind of people we would all like to have as friends.  Hopefully this Christmas Party will serve as a pleasant building block during our indoctrination into the Square Dance community.

Covid ravaged the Square Dance community.  The Hey Lollies were not spared because dancing was considered a threat to our lives.  Once upon a time, the Hey Lollies had 10 squares per night.  Now they have 5.  This explains why the organization is in a rebuilding stage.  I have been told the leaders are encouraged by our Rookie group.  They say we are the best class they have had in ages.  For this reason, our class coordinators Steve and Jana, Tom and Anne, Gary and Claudia all plan to join us. Our illustrious teacher Tim, recently named Square Dance Caller of the Year, has also promised to attend.  Nor does it stop there.  Many of the Hey Lollies leadership plans to attend.  They want to meet you, get to know you, and do their best to win your hearts.  They wish to encourage us to join their close-knit circle of friends and plan to stick around for a very long time. 




Marla plans to serve Lasagna and her cosmic Greek Salad.  To avoid the problem of 10 desserts and no main dishes, Marla would like to coordinate what the various guests wish to bring. 

Perhaps when you RSVP, you can include what you intend to contribute to the meal.  If you are unsure what other guests have already committed to, just ask Marla for a suggestion.  





The prevailing Attitude should be to Relax and have Fun.  Ugly sweaters and formal attire are totally unnecessary.  In fact, guests wearing ties will be asked to remove them.  You are welcome to come in your pajamas. 

Anyone caught bringing gifts will be asked to put them back in your car.  Yes, we want you to bring food to share and, yes, by all means bring your favorite beverage.  And definitely bring a smile.  That should be your main contribution to the night. 

Will there be caroling?  Unlikely.  Since neither Rick nor Marla can sing a lick, any wide-scale caroling will need to be started by someone else. 

As for polite conversation, that should take care of itself.  This party will be a great way to get to know one another.  That is what really counts.

One warning: You will be quizzed periodically.  For starters, what is a "Lollie"?  Is it short for Lollypop?

What does "SSQQ" stand for?  People who do not know may be asked to leave (just kidding).




Marla plans to make a giant bowl of her amazing punch.  Definitely a party starter.  In addition we will provide water, soft drinks, a case of Miller Lite, 3 bottles of Menage a Trois red, 3 bottles of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay and a partridge in a pear tree.  Beyond that, you guys are on your own.  Since Marla and Rick are not big drinkers of the hard stuff, everyone is more than welcome to Bring Your Own Booze, aka BYOB. 

In addition to the Rookies, there will be Veteran Square Dancers known as the 'Fajita Flats Gang' in attendance.  Rumor has it the Hey Lollies veterans don't hold back when it comes to drinking.  Marla and Rick have met these people and admit we are worried.  If things get wild, who knows what might happen.  We can always serenade the neighborhood. 

Rick's Note:  What we we have gotten ourselves into?  Marla and I thought 9 pm would be late, but then someone suggested 10 pm would be more appropriate.  Fine.  However, when a certain leader of our square dance group pointed out 10 pm was a little early and that the party would still be going strong at midnight, uh, that's when we realized we were dealing with unpredictable creatures of the night. 

Word of warning:  Regarding the mistletoe, be sure to watch out for cell phones aimed in your direction. 




The theme of the evening will be Christmas Games and Puzzles.

First up will be a famous Christmas Puzzle.  Just take our word for it, this puzzle is a lot of a fun (and pretty easy too).  Winners will have a chance to rub it in, Losers will be expected to sing a Christmas Carol as penance.

After the main event, depending on the interest and sobriety level, we can either play Christmas Charades or have a Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle competition.  Regarding the Charades, no acting is required.  We will divide into two teams and Rick will act out the titles to well-known Christmas books, celebrities and movies.  All you have to do is guess.

If people prefer Jigsaw Puzzles, Rick will let everyone divide into two teams and race to see which team can put together matching 300-piece Christmas jigsaw puzzles.

For those of you who hate games, there is always a place for warm conversation and Christmas Cheer. 



Note: There is a gate that closes at 7 pm.  We will print the December code HERE when it is posted.  Another way to deal with the gate would be to arrive before 7.




Rick was born in Pennsylvania, but has been a Texan since age 5.  Marla was born in southern California and moved to Houston when she was 35. 

Rick is the former owner of SSQQ Dance Studio, the largest dance studio in America at the turn of the Millennium.

Shortly after Rick sold his studio in 2010, by coincidence he was asked to teach dance classes at Chapelwood.  He has taught there since 2010.

Rick met Marla Cinderella-style at a midnight dance on a 2001 cruise trip.  Their instant connection was so powerful, they have never been apart since.  Rick and Marla consider that trip to be their true anniversary. 


Realizing the Love Boat potential of Rick's studio, Marla became a very successful Travel Advisor.  Before her retirement, she organized 50 group cruises for 3,000 SSQQ dance students.  Considering how they met, Rick and Marla have spent the past 20 years exploring the world.  They currently have cruises planned for the Amazon River in March and Argentina in December 2023. 

As for Square Dancing, Marla is much better than Rick.  Despite his reputation as an excellent dance teacher, Rick has found his square dance lessons to be quite humbling.  In the second week of class, one of the students commented, "I would have thought a famous dance instructor like you would have picked this stuff up faster."  Ouch.  In the sixth week of class, another student took one look at Rick's C&W Halloween costume and commented, "Hmm, not terribly creative."  Ouch again.  Tough crowd!  Nevertheless, despite his difficulties, Rick fully expects to become a good square dancer someday.  Why?  Because he believes in the Power of Persistence.

One more thing.  Rick and Marla have been pleasantly surprised to discover the spirit of SSQQ lives on with the Hey Lollies.  So far Rick has identified at least a dozen former students, many of whom now hold leadership positions with the Lollies.  It is through the friendship of these former SSQQ students that Marla and Rick decided to give Square Dancing a try.  Only one problem.  Once upon a time Rick picked on these people unmercifully for their mediocre learning curves.  Today the shoe is on the other foot.  Do not be surprised to see several of them at our Christmas party.  They will be easy to identify... they will be the ones giving a Rick a hard time as payback.

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