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SSQQ Travel is a Travel Club run by Marla Archer and Rick Archer.  The SSQQ Travel Club began in 1998 as an offshoot of Rick's SSQQ Dance Studio on Bissonnet in Houston, Texas.  While Rick ran the dance studio, Marla developed the Travel business. Marla is a home-based travel agent who schedules each cruise and books the passengers (Marla does individual bookings as well). Rick writes the stories at the conclusion of each trip and adds pictures.

Rick and Marla met on the 2001 SSQQ Summer Dance Cruise.  Their ship was initially headed to Cancun, but headed to Vera Cruz instead to elude a hurricane. At the stroke of Midnight on the first night of the trip, Rick and Marla had their very own Cinderella-style experience. They met on the dance floor at a singles dance. After an hour of dancing, they went to the top deck where those storm winds had quite an effect.  Rick and Marla have never been apart since.

The story of how Rick and Marla met stands as convincing evidence of the powerful role the sea can play in creating Romance.  To complete the circle, three years later Rick and Marla were married at sea. Their 2004 Wedding Cruise aboard the Rhapsody had more goofy twists than a madcap 'I Love Lucy' episode.  Fortunately, all is well that ends well.

In reflection, the 2004 Wedding Cruise was the trip when the 'Group Identity' began to form.  The passengers formed friendship so strong that the same group stayed together back on land in Houston throughout the year till the next cruise came along.  In the years since, the SSQQ Travel Club has bonded into an extended family of sorts. It is a fact that people who travel together grow very close.  Not only do we have marvelous adventures at sea, those shared experiences are relived throughout the year back in Houston through dances and parties.

Future SSQQ Cruise
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Future SSQQ Cruise
Trips for 2019

Liberty 2017 and London 2017 are upcoming trips.

41 Previous SSQQ Cruise Trips

Over a twenty year span
[1998-2020], Marla Archer's SSQQ Travel has taken 47 Previous Group Cruise adventures.  You can click on any of the icons to review the story and pictures of a trip from the past. 



We have traditionally taken one dance cruise each year around the Western Caribbean as well as a second cruise to a special destination.  Now that many of our group approach retirement age, as their interest in travel increases, Marla will schedule three cruises each year.

For further information, email

During our many trips, only one couple has ever missed the boat. That was on the Barcelona 2009 trip.  They missed the ship in Marseilles, spent the night in a hotel, then took a train over to Barcelona the next day.  It was more of an embarrassment than a tragedy. 
Considering Marla has booked over 2,600 passengers, she hasn't lost anyone yet.  Of course you can always try and be the first.

We have been doing this for so many years that many people want to revisit some of the previous destinations.  We will definitely return to Hawaii in 2013.  This will make Hawaii our first "repeat destination cruise".  We expect to return to Alaska for 2014 as well. Count on it.

Group Cruise Versus Doing it on your Own

People ask us all the time if our SSQQ Travel Club is for singles.  The answer is yes.  Other people ask if our Travel Club is for couples.  Yes.  We have learned from experience that "singles" and "doubles" play well together on our trips. 

What we know for a fact is that cruise trips greatly enhanced by traveling in groups.  There is great safety in groups and economic benefits as well.  Even if you are a couple who likes to spend time with each other, it is always fun to share dinner with a group of friends from home.  You automatically have so much more in common.

It doesn't matter whether you are traveling alone, in pairs, or with some of your family.  Traveling with our group gives you the flexibility to do whatever you want. You can be alone, you can hang out with a friend, or you can join the group for a trip ashore.  One thing for sure - when the dance music comes on, you can to see a lot of familiar faces out on that floor. 

As you might expect, the dance floor is the perfect spot for singles and couples to merge.  You will be pleased to know that practically every person in our group is comfortable dancing with everyone regardless of their marital status.  There simply aren't any barriers between the singles and the doubles out on the dance floor.  We all understand that Dancing, the premier social skill, allows us the opportunity to mix with everyone.

Oddly enough, that attitude extends to our notorious hot tub stuffing adventures as well.  Here again, the singles and the couples sit happily together for hours on end slowly simmering in the warm water. 

Their laughter makes it clear that it doesn't matter whether someone is married or single. We are a family that enjoys having fun together. There is a kinship among our group that is special indeed.   And, by the way... rest reassured that new members are always welcome!  Those cruise ships can hold a lot of people and our friendship knows no bounds.


One of the special features of a cruise vacation is the flexibility that allows everyone to find exactly what they are looking for.  Some hang with the group on excursions, others venture out alone.  Some chill, others thrill. 

It doesn't matter what your romantic situation is, an SSQQ cruise trip will make it even better.  It turns out that the famous 'SSQQ Slow Dance and Romance Magic' is just as powerful at sea as it is on land.  Maybe even more.

Since our Travel Club originated at a dance studio, dancing will always play a big part of every cruise adventure.  As you can see, our group claims every dance floor as our own personal fiefdom.  Every single person in that picture is with our Travel Club. 

Plus there are twenty more people not pictured who are dancing in different corners as well. Not only do all dance floors belong to us, we will find a place to dance on that ship no matter how big our group is.  Just play the music.


It turns out that Cruise trips feature many opportunities for people to dance.  One of the real treats in life is dancing in a luxurious setting to romantic music complete with band and vocalist.  Slow Dance and Romance go hand in hand.  Nothing quite compares to the pleasure of dancing in each other's arms to a love song.  For some reason, most of us don't take the time to seek out special moments like these back on land.  Thank goodness we have the magic of the sea to give us these enchanted evenings.

Whether it is swaying to the music or a fast Jitterbug to "Jump Jive and Wail", our group of dancers puts on quite a show. One of the curious features of every trip is watching guests from all over the ship line up to watch our group dance the night away.  You can see how envious they are.  Few people in America take the time to learn how to dance.  Their long faces are testimony to the importance of learning how to dance ahead of time.  These onlookers discover the hard way that partner dancing cannot be learned overnight.  It is our good fortune to have the dance studio throughout the year to prepare ahead of time.

If you are interested in our Travel Group, please sign up for our Newsletter. This bi-monthly Newsletter helps everyone keep track of Travel Updates as well as current dance events here in Houston. Rick writes the Newsletter, then sends it out by email. There is no charge, no advertising, no membership fee, nor will your email address ever be shared.  If you would like to receive the Newsletter, CLICK HERE. 

  01 - Jamaica 1998   11 - Hawaii 2007   21 - Conquest 2011   31 - Navigator 2014
  02 - Vera Cruz 2001   12 - Conquest 2007   22 - Panama Canal 2012   32 - Rhine River 2015
  03 - Rhapsody 2002   13 - Greece 2008   23 - Dominica 2012   33 - Sock Hop 2015
  04 - Jubilee 2003   14 - Conquest 2008   24 - Titanic 2012    34 - Istanbul 2015
  05 - Mardi Gras 2004   15 - Conquest 2009   25 - Russia 2012    35 - Bordeaux River 2015
  06 - Rhapsody 2004   16 - Barcelona 2009   26 - Magic 2012   36 - Danube River 2016
  07 - Alaska 2005   17 - Oslo 2010   27 - Mariner 2013   37 - Greek Isles 2016
  08 - Rhapsody 2005   18 - Bahamas 2010   28 - Hawaii 2013   38 - Halloween 2016
  09 - Rhapsody 2006   19 - Egypt 2010   29 - Rhone River 2014   39 - London 2017
  10 - New England 2006   20 - Virgin Islands 2011   30 - Alaska 2014   40 - Liberty 2017
  41 - Tahiti 2018      

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  713 862 4428

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