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Atlantis 2012!

     Story written by Rick Archer
     November 2012

Marla and I visited Atlantis two years earlier on our Bahamas 2010 trip.  We were so blown away with this place that we absolutely had to return.

During our first visit, we concentrated on roaming the gardens and goofing around in the Lazy River.  Only late in the day did we get around to the amazing rides and slides.  To our dismay, the moment we realized just how awesome each ride was... we had to go!  Oh, how that hurt.  Knowing that we had missed out on over half the rides ate at our souls.  We had to come back!

That is my friend Shari Clark in the blue and my friend Peggy Mazeika in the white.  When I was a boy, I was raised as a Quaker, a religion I am fond of to this day.  Shari and Peggy are my childhood friends from the Quaker Meeting. I spent so much time with Shari's family I consider Shari to be my kid sister.

If you have read my story of Panama 2012, you may recall that Shari and her mother Polly, a lady I owe a huge debt to, came along with Marla and me for that cruise.  Shari had so much fun on that trip that she talked her friend Peggy into coming along as well. It was wonderful to have both ladies along for this trip. 


Don't forget that I have a previous story about Atlantis.  Bahamas 2010 contains a great deal of background on the Atlantis Resort plus many amazing pictures.


You definitely will want to see Bahamas 2010 again.  I left out many of the pictures I took on today's visit simply because they were duplicates of my 2010 pictures.



From our Magic group - Barbara, Kathy, Cindy, Candy, ??, Ana, Sue


I understand it is a form of blasphemy to suggest that man has begun to approach the skill in creating the natural beauty first carved out on Earth by our Creator. I certainly mean no disrespect.  I will simply say that it never ceases to amaze me how they make these artificial scenes look so genuine.


Here is
the iconic
Mayan Temple that serves as the symbol of the Atlantis Resort.


The Waterfall Tour

Marla and I spent the vast majority of the day riding the Lazy River and taking the incredible rides with our friends Ross and Carolyn.  Sorry, I don't have any pictures of the rides because I didn't have a waterproof camera.  Fortunately, my previous article on Atlantis documents the Lazy River very well. 

In the afternoon, we decided to do some exploring.  First we wandered over to beach facing the Atlantic Ocean.  Then on our way back, we encountered the area highlighted in the picture.  Here I saw an astounding series of man-made waterfalls. 

I would like to make the point AGAIN that it is incredible how realistic this scenery is. The rock formations look so authentic I actually wondered how they pulled that off.  Furthermore, the waterfalls are so natural that I could have sworn they were real. I had to repeatedly challenge my senses with the reminder there was no possible way they were not man-made.  They sure looked real!


What may not be obvious is that these are all different waterfalls.  There are four of them all in a row.

I couldn't get far enough away to capture all the falls in just one picture.  It was a stunning display indeed.


Another feature of the waterfalls is the terraced pools below.  In addition to the giant waterfalls, you had a series of small waterfalls like this one dropping into smalls ponds.

I shouldn't admit this, but I tried very hard to build a small waterfall in my background.  My utter failure to even begin to replicate this work only reinforces my admiration for Atlantis.


There were about eight separate waterfalls in all.  As I said in my previous article about Atlantis, I don't know what the Garden of Eden looked like, but until I see something better, Atlantis gets my vote with its stunning landscape and lush foliage.

The picture you won't see is Marla and I collapsing together on one of these blue lounge chairs.  The temptation to go to sleep was overwhelming.  Marla and I both feared we would miss the bus so we left now.  It is depressing to admit we went back to the ship early simply because we didn't have the strength to have more fun. 

Here is a picture of a canyon created by two enormous Carnival cruise ships sitting side by side.  That is Kurt, Barbara and Iqbal on the left.

Everyone was in a good mood at dinner that night.  Joanne, Sherry, Jeannie, Fran, Mary, and Andy's lovely blue shirt.  On the left you have Don and Marsha. They got married the Friday before our trip, then shared their honeymoon with us!

My kid sister Shari absolutely loved Atlantis.  For the rest of the trip, Shari thanked me for convincing her to visit the resort.

Shari formerly worked as an attendant for Continental Airlines, but these days calls United Airlines her employer.  For many years, Shari has worked the shuttle between Houston and Honolulu.  In fact, Shari has a home in Honolulu.

After our day in Atlantis, Shari said the place reminded her of a very beautiful hotel on the Big Island in Hawaii known as Waikoloa Village

Shari suggested we might enjoy visiting Waikoloa when our group visits Kona on our Hawaii 2013 cruise next year.  Shari said that when it came to natural beauty, Waikoloa was a perfect match for Atlantis. 

That got my attention.  Marla and I are always looking for gardens to visit. So I decided to check it out.

Waikoloa Village

Waikoloa Village on the Big Island, Hawaii

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