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To Participate, Contact George Sargent at

Majic Party Bus
Presented by George Sargent

Hi Cruise Party People! Many of you have been asking if there was going to be another Party Bus. Yes there will be! This email is the kick off to what some people believe is one of the best tours on our Caribbean Cruise! This is certainly a fun event guaranteed to get you primed for landing foot on the ship as one of the best party groups on the Magic.

Personally, I've been thinking of the logistics of this Majic Party Bus tour. This year may prove to be one of the biggest and best yet. As we approach a headcount for the cruise itself that promises to set new records, I'm trying to do the same with the largest Party Bus group that SSQQ has ever had. We may have as many buses as necessary to make our grand entry.

Here are some important details about the Majic Party Bus.

  •   First the cost will be maintained at $45 per person. That includes a two way trip (to Galveston and back to the Westheimer location). Payment is NOT required now. It will be collected in the late summer. I highly prefer checks for accounting and management reasons.
  •   We will start our party at 8:23 am and depart for the ship at 10:24 am.  Remember that!  As you can see, that gives us over two hours of play time before the party on the bus!
  •   There will be some adult beverages, fruit and other snack items to get you in preparation for the ship. Of course, many people bring some of their own special concoction for sharing purposes. I'll add a note here. Many people choose not to drink and that is perfectly fine. You can make that up by eating more!
  •   Pick up will be arranged at the cruise terminal from Galveston at about 10:18 am and after loading back on and doing an all-important head count we should arrive back in Houston before noon to catch the Texans Football game!
  •   The party will take place at the Capital One Parking Deck on Westheimer close to Pappa Brothers Steakhouse. This is our "home base".  Although the physical address is 5718 Westheimer, Houston, TX 77057, please note the actual parking deck entry is on Bering Street.
  •   Our cars will be parked on a quite upper deck and the facility does have security.

As we get close to October, I'll release more details to those going on the party bus. 

Signing up early for the Majic Party Bus is important.  There are possible "Dead Zones" in securing your place on the bus.  We are certain to have one bus full.  The question is do we rent a second bus or simply stick to one?  There is a good chance we will take two buses this year.  However, as we go from a large bus to the next size bus up there is a certain amount of risk.  There has to be a certain number of MORE people to make that second bus economically viable.   The longer people wait to express interest, the less likely I am to stretch for a second bus.

It would be great to have a 100 plus partiers. Despite these "Dead Zones", I'll do everything I can to get you on board. But it is important to get signed up! If you have other questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

George Sargent

Contact Information:
281-759-8541 (H)

Magic 2012 Bus Riders

1 George Sargent
2 Liana Waldberg
3 Rick Archer
4 Marla Archer
5 Phyliss Porter
6 Andy Reginer
7 Toni Greason
8 Richard Greason
9 May Cioffi
10 Andy Bach

11 Michael Stephens
12 Joe Lachner
13 Patty Harrison
14 Charlie Denton
15 Rowena Roche
16 JoAnn Hatley
17 Sherry Thornton
18 Wayne Corbett
19 Karen Eggert
20 Susan Blome

21 Nina Rutiaga
22 Edward Sanchez
23 Joyce Peters
24 Mike Peters
25 Sandra Palmer
26 Sol Eisenbaum
27 Lee Ann Parkinson
28 Fran Zandstra
29 Jack Medley
30 Elyse Clarkson

31 Mark Clarkson
32 Gary Richardson
33 Betty Richardson
34 Chris Shields
35 Edward Akin
36 Tracy Akin
37 Jeanne Tobin
38 Jeff Margolis
39 Susan Hassen
40 Connie Schilke

41 Sharon Allen
42 Victoria Hilford
43 Theresa Obershaw
44 Steve Beauchamp
45 Kristi Wohlfahrt
46 anonymous
47 Mike Dorman
48 Ann Wells
49 Marsha Baxmann
50 Donald Wikes

51 Mona Grant
52 Ray Wyatt
53 Lila Waring
54 Rick Elizondo
55 Donna Kemp
56 Cat Jensen
57 Shari Clark
58 Peggy Mazeika
59 Dee Medina
60 Ross McEathron


61 Carolyn McEathron
62 Gareld McEathron
63 Virginia McEathron

64 Joel Konkel
65 Deanne Ahre
66 Joan Korpal
67 Cheryl Gomez-Jareno
68 anonymous
69 Jamie Hathaway
70 Dave Hathaway
71 Megan Zhu
72 Larry Dean
73 Donna Sears
74 Craig Sears

Notes from Georgio

02-24-12: Rick contacted me to say that someone who trademarked "Magic Party Bus" had complained.  Henceforth we are now the "Majic Party Bus".  Knowing how poorly most of you spell, I doubt you would never even notice.

08-13-12:  From: George Sargent [mailto:]

Hi Rick, I' glad to report that we are at total of 74 people for the Majic Party Bus!

At this point in time, that fills us up completely with one large bus and one small bus.

I'm open to taking more people but they will be on either standby or until we have at least 16 more (total of 90 and can take up to 100). I would love to get to 90 plus. We could still get a few last stragglers but we do need a bunch!   Cheers, Geo


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