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The Magical Party Bus

For information and to sign up, Visit Magical Party Bus

Rick's Note:  George Sargent, pictured here with his friend Marsharita, will be coordinating the Magical Party Bus again this year.  George has been involved with the SSQQ Party Bus on countless previous occasions and still remembers some of them.

George has asked me to give a recommendation so here goes: 

I will say that, to the best of my knowledge, everybody who has ever signed up for the Party Bus has survived... barely.

Actually, I can do a little better than that.  The Magical Party Bus is a terrific deal.  Not only is the trip loads of fun, it is a very practical idea as well.  People can actually take this bus trip for less money than it costs to park your cars in Galveston.

It makes complete sense to let someone else do the driving while you get to enjoy an amazing party with your friends.

For last year's trip, George received wonderful assistance in planning the Party Bus from Marsharita, Andy, and Chris.

Chris works at a a bank. He was kind enough to let us park at his bank in an ultra-secure, covered parking lot supervised by a guard. 

Thanks to Chris, none of us even remotely worried about our cars being safe. I don't know if Chris will be able to lend a hand again this year, but I definitely want to thank him again for his kind service.

And now I will let you see pictures from last year's trip.

To protect the innocent as well as the guilty from Google's nosy tentacles, I will stick to first names only. 


Ed and Tracy... 5 months before their wedding!



Penney and Tim

Dee and Judy


Nina and Susan
(Charley and Rowena behind them, their picture was fuzzy)

Karl and Deborah

Virginia and Gareld



Beverly and Susan

Theres and Steve

Mike and Sharon

Edward, Sherry, Karen

Mike and Joyce

Mary and Andy

Jeannie and George

Andy and Joan

Sam sitting and Sam dancing w Marsharita.

Believe it or not, people dance the entire trip.  I think that Andy proposed to Kristi on the bus.  Kristi said she would get back to her.

Did you know that Karl and Deborah are engaged?  There is a rumor that Karl proposed on the trip down, but I think it happened before.  By the way, congratulations!!


For information and to sign up for the 2012 Magic Bus Trip, Visit Magical Party Bus

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