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The New Farmers

Farmer North wanted to cut back on his workload as he eased into retirement, so he put 40 acres of prime farmland up for sale. Seeking to attract new farmers to the area, Mr. North divided the 40 acres into five parcels, each of which measured a different whole number of acres, and offered to mentor each fledgling agriculturalist in the farming life.

In the end, five different husband and wife couples each bought a parcel.

Each couple had previously owned a different type of business (one ran a general store), and each bought a parcel for the purpose of growing a different crop.

From the information provided, determine the husband (Franz, Galen, Herm, Ike, or JJ) and wife (Katrina, Lorraine, Myrtle, Norma, or Olga) in each couple, their shared last name and former business, and the crop that each intends to farm, as well as the number of acres that each bought.

1. The couple who will grow peppers bought exactly seven acres, which is either exactly one acre more or less than was purchased by the couple who will grow wheat.

2. Mr. and Mrs. Akers intend to grow soybeans.

3. The couple that will grow sorghum (who used to own an antiques shop) bought exactly one more acre than Galen and his wife (who will grow carrots).

4. Franz and Norma bought the largest parcel, which totals exactly ten acres. JJ and his wife bought exactly one more acre than the Daltons.

5. Olga and her husband bought more acres than the couple that used to own a bookstore. Herm Egan can't wait to begin his new life as a farmer. Neither can Myrtle. Ike and his wife used to own an oil and lube car shop.

6. Karina Banks and her husband purchased exactly one more acre than Mr. and Mrs. Conyers (who previously owned a restaurant). Lorraine is not Mrs. Conyers.

Memory tells me this puzzle is medium hard. I do remember messing up the first time I solved it, but mostly thru my own carelessness.

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