Einstein Puzzle
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The Einstein Puzzle
Edited by Rick Archer,
Original posting: January 1999 / Last Update: May 2008

Do you enjoy solving Puzzles?  In addition to the famous Einstein Puzzle,
we invite you to investigate our other puzzles as well!

  Einstein Puzzle

  The Einstein Puzzle is the most famous Logic Puzzle on the entire Internet!
  Creativity Testy Test   The Creativity Test is pretty easy.  How many clues can you answer correctly?
  Geography Quiz   How good is your knowledge of Geography?   This clever quiz may send you to the Internet looking for answers!
  Christmas Puzzle   The most popular Christmas Puzzle on the entire Internet is located right here. 
  Monster Quiz   How good do you think you are at identifying Hollywood Halloween Monsters?  Why not find out?
  Picture Puzzle   This very easy puzzle is sometimes much trickier than you expected.
  Logic Puzzles   Besides the Einstein Puzzle, here are 40 more Logic Puzzles which vary from simple to very difficult
Einstein Puzzle Creativity Test Logic Puzzles Geography Quiz Christmas Puzzle Picture Puzzle Monster Quiz
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